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 Sovereign ratings of Bangladesh
Bangladesh achieves Ba3(Moody's) and BB-(Standard and Poor's) with stable outlook for the 8th consecutive years. Stable real GDP growth and strong external balances have helped Bangladesh to achieve BB- rating with stable outlook from Fitch Ratings for the fourth time.
 Monetary policy
Opening Rally  of School Banking Conference Dhaka 2018. Deputy Governor Mr. Abu Hena Mohd. Razee Hassan inaugurate conference on 12 May 2018
Governor Fazle Kabir unwrapped the book titled 'Bangladesh Banker Etihash (The history of Bangladesh Bank' on 25 March 2018
BB Governor Fazle Kabir at Banker-SME Women Entrepreneur Conference and Product Display 2018 held on March 8-10, 2018 at Bangladesh Shishu Academy
International Training Course on Agricultural Financing and Rural Development (Jointly organized by BBTA, CICTAB, India and Milk Vita) from 25 February to 01 March, 2018
A bilateral meeting between Bangladesh Bank and Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) has been held on 23 January 2018 at Bangladesh Bank
BB Governor Mr. Fazle Kabir inaugurated Mobile Apps
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  DMD Circular No. 03: Issuance of Floating Rate Treasury Bond(FRTB)  Bangla  download   
  FEPD Circular No. 12: Enhancement of loan limit from Export Development Fund    English  download 
  BRPD Circular No. 04: Guidelines for cash withdrawal through cheque of Illiterate Customer  Bangla  download   
  DCM Circular Letter No. 04: Instruction to be followed by scheduled banks for preventing fake note circulation duing the month of holy Ramadan  Bangla  download   
  DFIM Circular Letter No. 03: Office Time schedule for Ramadan, Hijri-1439(2018)  Bangla  download   
  DFIM Circular No. 02: Keeping FI branches closed in the election areas on 15th May, 2018 Tuesday for election of Khulna City Corporation and eight other municipalities & union parishads  Bangla  download   
  DOS Circular Letter No. 09: Office time table of the bank companies during the month of Holy Ramadan of Hijri 1439  Bangla  download   
  DOS Circular Letter No. 08: Keeping scheduled bank branches closed in the election area on 15th May, 2018 Tuesday for election of Khulna City Corporation and eight other municipalities & union parishads as mentioned in the circular letter  Bangla  download   
  BRPD Circular Letter No. 07: Exemption from compliance of section 7(3) of the Bank Company Act, 1991 (amended upto 2013)  Bangla  download   
  DCMPS Circular Letter No. Fake notes:01(Policy)/2007-191 : Steps to be taken by the Scheduled Banks after detection of fake notes  Bangla  download   
  DCMPS Circular Letter No. Fake notes:01(Policy)/2007-309 : Steps to be taken to prevent the intrusion of fake notes in Banking transaction  Bangla  download   
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