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Permission Management System

Permission Management System has been introduced.

  • Applications for various permissions will be accepted by the System.
  • Bangladesh Bank officials will go through applications along with the attached supporting documents. With an online official process application will be approved or rejected.
  • Finally a notification will be sent to the applicant.
  • License Application Portal

    Welcome to License Application Portal of Bangladesh Bank. Now you can apply for licenses provided by Bangladesh Bank. The application process for Digital Bank License is Officially open till August 01, 2023.

    Users:Applicant for License
    Online CIB services

    To create a disciplined environment for borrowing, the automated CIB service provides credit related information for prospective and existing borrowers. With this improved and efficient system, risk management will be more effective. Banks and financial institutions may furnish credit information to CIB database 24 by 7 around the year; and they can access credit reports from CIB online.

    Users: Banks and FIs
    Online Agent Information Management System

    This system is to be used to send the required information and documents by the Authorized Dealer Bank for granting permission under Section-18A of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947 to work as local agent of foreign principal(s).

    Users: AD Branch of Banks
    User Guide:Online Agent Information Management System
    Reporting goAML

    goAML is a UNODC response to combat money-laundering. The goAML Client application is an intelligence analysis system intended to be used by Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) which is the central agency of Bangladesh responsible for analyzing Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs), Cash Transaction Reports (CTRs) & information related to money laundering (ML)/financing of terrorism (TF) received from reporting organizations & other sources and disseminating information/intelligence thereon to relevant law enforcement agencies for further action. The goAML Web application provides a secure web based interface between the BFIU and its reporting organizations for the electronic upload of reports such as XML files, filling out the online report forms or sending XML files as attachments by secure e-mail, information sharing among stakeholders and other information.

    Users:All scheduled Banks, Stakeholders & other reporting agencies
    User Guide: download .zip file
    Market Infrastructure
    Prizebond Matching

    Using this service you can search single or multiple numbers at a time.

    Online Foreign Exchange Transaction Monitoring and Management System

    Online Foreign Exchange Transaction Monitoring and Management System is used for monitoring total foreign exchange transactions of Bangladesh. The system includes Export, Import, Inward remittance(Wage Earners' remittance and other) and Outward remittance(Traveling and Miscellaneous). Through it's services, Banks and AD Branches issue & reports Foreign Exchange Transactions to Bangladesh Bank.

    Users: Banks, AD Branch of Banks, Exporters and Customs
    Mobile Apps: Banking Information

    Mobile app for ATM Booths and Branches location details as well as services provided to the customers in Bangladesh.

    Download link:
    Bangladesh Bank eTender System

    Bangladesh Bank introduces the online tendering system to facilitate the procurement process of Bangladesh Bank. The system will help you to participate in the local and international tender/procurement of Bangladesh Bank.

    Users: Interested Bidders
    eReturns(Banks and NBFIs)

    An Online Portal Service for Scheduled Banks and NBFIs to submit Electronic Returns using predefined template for the purpose of Macro Economy Analysis through related BB Departments.

    Users: All Schedule Bank and NBFIs
    User Guide: Rationalized Input Template has been provided to all Schedule Bank and NBFIs
    eReturns (OFCs)

    An online portal service for Other Financial Corporations (OFCs) to submit electronic returns using predefined template (RIT) for the purpose of macroeconomic analysis through the OFCs survey unit of the Statistics Department of Bangladesh Bank.

    Users: Other Financial Corporations (OFCs)
    User Guide: It will be available after successful login.
    Special Foreign Currency Account Monitoring System (SFCAMS)

    Online Special Foreign Currency Account Monitoring System is used for monitoring FC account transactions of Bangladesh.Through it's services, AD Branches of Banks report day to day Transactions (Only Special FC A/C) to Bangladesh Bank.

    Users: AD Branch of Banks
    User Manual: view
    Information for Deposit Insurance Premium Assessment (IDIPA)

    Deposit Insurance System (DIS) is now contributing financial stability, protecting bank's depositors and assuring insurance benefits in the unlikely event of Scheduled Banks. The key elements of DIS are to maintain public confidence and promote financial sector's resilience through increasing savings. DIS in Bangladesh is now being administrated by 'The Bank Amanat Bima Ain, 2000'.

    Users: All scheduled banks
    User Manual: view
    Corporate Memory Management Systems (CMMS)

    Corporate Memory Management Systems is a web-based application to monitor the errors, omission and violation of regulations and policies by the Schedule Commercial Banks/FI's and their executives.

    Users: All Scheduled Banks and FIs
    e-statement for CRR & SLR

    In terms of article 36 of Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972 and Bank Company Ain, 1991,all scheduled banks (both Conventional and Islamic Banking) in Bangladesh are subject to submit Thursday Positions of Demand And Time Liabilities for calculating CRR and SLR at the close of business. This statement must be submitted through on-line using this web service to Department of Off-site Supervision (DOS) within the 10th of the following month.

    Users: All Scheduled Banks
    User Guide: Download User Guide
    Sector Concentration System

    As per DOS Circular letter no.-46, dated-27/10/2021 and DOS circular letter no-53, dated-27/12/2021, all scheduled banks in Bangladesh are subject to submit sector wise loans and advances statement for the purpose of analyzing sector wise loans in banking industries. This statement must be submitted quarterly through on-line using this web service to Department of Off-site Supervision (DOS).

    Users: All Scheduled Banks