Bangladesh Bank

Kazi Sayedur RahmanDeputy Governor, Bangladesh Bank

Mr. Kazi Sayedur Rahman has been appointed as Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank by the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in pursuance of Section 10(4) of the Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972. He assumed his responsibilities on 22 November, 2020.
Before assuming the current position, Mr. Rahman served as Executive Director of Bangladesh Bank overseeing the functions of Forex Reserve & Treasury Management Department, Foreign Exchange Investment Department and Grihayan Tohbil & Fund Management. In addition, he served as Secretary to the Board of Directors, Bangladesh Bank and simultaneously supervised Secretary's Department. Earlier, he also supervised the Department of Banking Inspection-1, Foreign Exchange Inspection Department, Financial Stability Department, Financial Sector Support and Strategic Planning Department. Furthermore, he was assigned as observer of the Board of Directors of Janata Bank Ltd, Agrani Bank Ltd, Sonali Bank Ltd, Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd, ICB Islami Bank Ltd and National Bank Ltd.
Mr. Rahman was born in Madaripur in a respectable Muslim family on 01 January 1963. He studied at the University of Dhaka and completed B.Com (Hons.) & M.Com in Accounting. He began his career as an Assistant Director on 21st July 1988 in Bangladesh Bank. Working more than 32 years as a career central banker, he served in various departments in Head Office and Branch Offices of Bangladesh Bank in different positions. During his career progression in Bangladesh Bank, he has always been promoted on accelerated (merit) basis. Mr. Rahman actively participated in various games and sports and he is well-known in Bangladesh Bank as an enthusiastic athlete for his excellent performance.
Mr. Rahman was awarded Gold Medal of "Bangladesh Bank Employees Recognition Award-2008" in recognition of his outstanding achievement and creative work in Bangladesh Bank.
In his illustrious career, Mr. Rahman visited the USA, the UK, Canada, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, and Singapore to attend various courses, seminars and conferences organized by international institutions; notably, World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Asian Development Bank (ADB), New York Federal Reserve Bank (FRB). It is worth mentioning that he attended as guest speaker as well as panelist in various international seminars arranged in the USA, Singapore, Armenia, and Georgia. He also visited Iran, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and Myanmar to attend the Technical Committee and Board of Directors Meeting of the Asian Clearing Union (ACU).

Departments under supervision

  • Accounts & Budgeting Department
  • Bankers' Selection Committee Secretariat
  • Common Services Department-1
  • Common Services Department-2
  • Department of Banking Inspection 8
  • Department of Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Foreign Exchange Operation Department
  • Foreign Exchange Policy Department
  • Information & Communication Technology Department
  • Monetary Policy Department
  • Payment Systems Department
  • Research Department

Nurun NaharDeputy Governor, Bangladesh Bank

Ms. Nurun Nahar joined as Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank on 2 July 2023. Before joining as Deputy Governor she was the most senior Executive Director (Grade-1) of Bangladesh Bank.

Executive Director, Ms. Nurun Nahar has been appointed Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank on a contractual basis for 3 years from her joining by Article No. 10(4) of Bangladesh Bank Order,1972 and the Gazette No- 53.00.0000.311.11.001.18-306 dated 11 June 2019 of Financial Institutions Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh through the Gazette Number 53.00.0000.311. Dated 12/04/2023 of the Financial Institutions Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh subject to voluntary retirement from her present position and suspension of the post-retirement leave (PRL). Notably/It may be mentioned that, she is the second woman Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank.

Joining the Bangladesh Bank in 1989, she serves the Central Bank for almost 34 years. In her Central banking career she worked in different status in different position in various departments and offices of Bangladesh Bank. She was promoted to Executive Director of Bangladesh Bank in 2019. Before joining as Deputy Governor, She was the Executive Director of Banking Regulation and Policy Department, Credit Guarantee Department, Security Management Department and was the observer of the largest stated owned commercial bank, Sonali Bank Limited. In her Central banking career she worked in Sustainable Finance Department, Department of Communication and Publications, Expenditure Management Department, Agricultural Credit Department, Deposit Insurance Department, Financial Inclusion Department, Human Resources Department, Internal Audit Department and Bangladesh Bank Training Academy. She was also the Project Director, Supporting Post Covid Small Scale Employment Creation Project.

Ms. Nahar completed her BSC from University of Dhaka in 1984 and later she also completed MBA. She also completed the banking profession degree DAIBB from Institute of Bankers Bangladesh. In her profession carrier she visited Sweden, United Kingdom, Austria, Slovakia, South Korea, Turkey, India, Malaysia to attend official meeting, seminar, training and workshops. Ms. Nurun Nahar was born in 1965 in a noble Muslim family in Balia village of Dhamrai police station of Dhaka district. Her in-laws are at Austagram in Kishoregonj and in her personal life she is the mother of two sons and one daughter.

Departments under supervision

  • Debt Management Department
  • Department of Communications and Publications
  • Deposit Insurance Department
  • Expenditure Management Department-1
  • Expenditure Management Department-2
  • Financial Inclusion Department
  • Financial Integrity and Customer Services Department
  • Financial Sector Support and Strategic Planning Department
  • Financial Stability Department
  • Human Resources Department 1
  • Human Resources Department 2
  • Law Department
  • NFIS Administrative Unit
  • Sustainable Finance Department