Bangladesh Bank
Impact Assessment of Interest Rate Caps and Potential Policy Options: Bangladesh Perspective. detail.. [download]
Policy Measures of Bangladesh Bank in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic_Second Edition. detail.. [download]
Economic and Financial Stability Implications of Covid-19 Bangladesh Bank and Governments policy Responses (Full Book). detail.. [download]
Recent Practices of Forecasting Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Inflation in Bangladesh Bank. detail.. [download]
COVID-19 Pandemic: Policy Responses and its Impact on the SAARC Countries. detail.. [download]
Covid-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh: Policy Responses and its Impact. detail.. [download]
Economic and Financial Stability Implications of COVID-19:Bangladesh Bank and Government's Policy Responses. detail.. [download]
History of Bangladesh Bank.. detail.. [download]
Policy Measures of Bangladesh Bank in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. detail.. [download]
Green Bonds Development in Bangladesh: A Market Landscape. detail.. [download]
Comprehensive Framework on the Development of the Bond Market in Bangladesh. detail.. [download]
Role of Bangladesh Bank in the Govt. success for last 10 years. detail.. [download]
An Impact Study on Mobile Financial Services (MFSs) in Bangladesh. detail.. [download]
Utilisation of Workers' Remittances in Bangladesh - A Report Based on the Survey Conducted in 2014. detail.. [download]
Impact Assessment of Agricultural Credit Program for the Sharecroppers in FY2015 Implemented by BRAC under Refinancing Scheme of Bangladesh Bank. detail.. [download]
A Survey Report on an Enquiry into the Causes of High Increase in Loans to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Its Economic Impact. detail.. [download]
Vibrant Bangladesh: Economy of Stability and Possibility [Bangla] [English]. detail.. [download]
Coordinated Supervision Framwork for Bangladesh Financial System. detail.. [download]
Rhyme Book on Integrity. detail.. [download]
Designing a Sustainable Financial System in Bangladesh, October 2015. detail.. [download]
Finalcial Inclusion. detail.. [download]
BB Recognition Award 2013. detail.. [download]
A Primary Survey on Banks in Promoting Women Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. detail.. [download]
National Strategy for Preventing Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism 2015-2017. detail.. [download]
Bangladesh: A Stable and Vibrant Economy. detail.. [download]
New Initiatives of Department of Off-Site Supervision : [English]  [Bangla]. detail.. [download]
An enquiry into the causes of growth of SME loans and its economic impact. detail.. [download]
The Role of Banks in Promoting Women Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. detail.. [download]
Of Changes and Transformations -Bangladesh Bank (July 2009-June 2013) [English] [Bangla]. detail.. [download]
The mutually-supportive relationship between financial inclusion and financial stability. detail.. [download]
Art Collection of Bangladesh Bank-Paintings, Murals, Sculpture. detail.. [download]
Building Poverty free Digital Bangladesh Initiatives taken by Bangladesh Bank in brief. detail.. [download]
Four decades of Bangladesh: A new beginning of our Economy. detail.. [download]
Sample survey on socio-economic characteristics of buyers of saving instrument in Bangladesh. detail.. [download]
Coins and Bank Notes Book. detail.. [download]
Comparative Scenarios of Financial Inclusion and Other Changes (2002-05 vs. 2009-12). detail.. [download]
Code lists for reporting of external sector transactions by the authorised dealers. detail.. [download]
Developmental Central Banking in Bangladesh. detail.. [download]
Green Banking in Bangladesh. detail.. [download]
2nd Anniversary Celebration of Bangladesh Automated Clearing House (BACH), October, 2012. detail.. [download]
Estimating growth-inflation tradeoff threshold in Bangladesh. detail.. [download]
Mobile Financial Services in Bangladesh: An Overview of Market Development, July 2012. detail.. [download]
Position of Refinance Scheme for Agro product Processing Industry July, 2011-June, 2012. detail.. [download]
National Strategy for Preventing Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism 2011-2013. detail.. [download]
Bangladesh Bank: Recent Reform Initiatives, June, 2012. detail.. [download]
Banks beside destitute people in winter, 2010-2011. detail.. [download]