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  • 49th and 50th Foundation Training Course: Assistant Director Started from 26/05/2024.
  • Certified Supervision Specialist (CSS) Course started on 04/02/2024.
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Bangladesh Bank Training Academy (BBTA), the training department of Bangladesh Bank (The central bank of Bangladesh), is entrusted with the responsibility of capacity building and human resources development for both the employees of central bank and commercial banks with a view to contributing towards ensuring corporate governance and bringing stability in the financial system. To achieve this assigned goal, BBTA organizes different training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences focusing on the regulatory issues, economics, banking and finance, human resources, macroeconomic management and any other issues directly or indirectly related to banking activities.

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Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman

Deputy Governor

Md. Zulkar Nayn

Executive Director


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