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Types of publications Publication's name Last volume Copy available Remarks
Agricultural & Rural Credit Policy and ProgrammeFiscal Year 2019-2020
Annual Report2017-2018 Regular
Annual Report of Financial Integrity and Customer services Department2016-2017
Audit Summary of DITF30th June, 2018
Balance of Payments2017-2018 1985-2013Regular
Balance sheet analysis of joint stock companies
(Hard Copy Available)
20031999-2003Publication discontinued
BBTA Annual ReportAnnual Report 2018
BFIU Annual Report2017-2018
Carbon Footprint Measurement Report2014
Co-Operative banks statistics
(Hard Copy Available)
20011979-1988 (Quarterly)Publication discontinued
CSR Activities of Financial Sector2013
Export Receipts of Goods and Services2017-2018 1985-2011Regular
Financial Stability Report2018
Green Banking2012
Import Payments of Goods and Services2017-2018 1985-2010Regular
Index numbers of stock exchange share prices
(Hard Copy Available)
1991-19921990-1992Publication discontinued
NGO-MFIs in BangladeshJune, 2006
Report on Government SecuritiesFY 2018-2019.
Half YearlyBangladesh Systemic Risk DashboardJanuary-June, 2019
BBTA Journal : Thoughts on Banking and Finance January-June, 2017
CSR reports of Banks and FIsJune 2019
Equity yields on ordinary shares
(Hard Copy Available)
20021994-2001 (Quarterly)Publication discontinued
Financial Sector ReviewJanuary, 2009
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Survey ReportJanuary-June, 2019 2008-2010Regular
Gender Equality Report of Banks & FIsJanuary-June,2019
Monetary Policy ReviewFebruary, 2014
School BankingJanuary-June, 2014
QuarterlyAgent Banking ActivitiesJuly-September, 2019
Bangladesh Bank BulletinOctober-December,2012 2011Regular
Bangladesh Bank QuarterlyApril-June, 2019 Regular
Developments of Islamic Banking in BangladeshApril-June, 2019
Financial Stability Assessment ReportApril-June, 2019
Green Banking ActivitiesApril-June,2019
NBFIs StatisticsJanuary-March, 2019
Performance Indicators of SCBsState--owned Commercial Banks as of 31 March,2013 (provisional)
Quarterly Analysis on Capital Market Development in BangladeshJuly-September, 2019
Quarterly Analysis on Government Revenue ReceiptsApril-June, 2018
Quarterly Review on Money and Exchange RateApril-June, 2019
Quarterly Review on RMGApril-June, 2018
Quarterly Review on TeaApril-June, 2019
Remittance EarningsApril-June 2019
Report on Financial Inclusion (10, 50 and 100 taka account)September, 2019 Regular
Scheduled Banks StatisticsApril-June, 2019 1976-2014Regular
School BankingOctober-December, 2014
MonthlyBank ParikramaNovember, 2019 Regular
Explanation of the Surplus Liquidity30 November, 2008
Major Economic IndicatorsOctober, 2019 Regular
Monthly Economic TrendsOctober, 2018 1976-2014Regular
Monthly Progress Report of Financial Inclusion (Tk 10 and Tk 100 Account)June, 2015
Monthly Report On Agricultural and Rural FinancingAugust, 2019
Outstanding Balance of Government Internal BorrowingsAugust, 2019
Selected Macroeconomic IndicatorsAugust, 2018
FortnightlyTrends of Major Economic Indicators31 October 2019
WeeklyA/C under Financial InclusionFarmer's A/C as on 19 September 2013.
Financial Position of Scheduled BanksAugust 23, 2018
Selected Indicators14 November, 2019 Regular
Statements of Affairs06 July, 2017 Regular
SpecialSpecial PublicationComprehensive Framework on the Development of the Bond Market in Bangladesh
Other OrganizationalPublications from other OrganizationsA Review of the Supervisory Initiatives by Bangladesh Bank
Other OrganizationalWorking PaperImpact Assessment of BB's Re-finance Scheme for Financing Agricultural & Non-Farm Rural Borrowers of BKB and RAKUB

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