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  In which denominations are prize bonds available?
    Presently, the Govt. of Bangladesh, in order to encourage savings, is offering prize bonds with face value of Tk.100 each.
  Who is eligible to buy a bond and how many bonds they can buy?
    Any Bangladeshi including children can buy any amount of bonds.
  What bond is eligible for draw?
    Only that Prize bond whose date of issuance is at least 60 days prior to the draw date is eligible for draw.
  Where can I purchase and sell prize bonds?
    You can purchase and sell prize bonds at any branch of any Bank and Post Offices.
  How can I claim the Prize?
    To claim the prize you need to fill up an application form available at any bank or post office. You should address the General Manager respective branch in the Bangladesh Bank.
  What is the valid time period for claiming a particular prize after a draw?
    2 Years (i.e. last 8 draw).
  When the draw held?
    31st January, 30th April, 30th July, and 31st October each year.
  How many prize bonds are there at present in circulation?
    Each series has 1000000 prize bonds and there are about 26  series. If a prize bond number wins, all prize bonds having that number in every series also win.

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