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National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB)

National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB) is an electronic platform, started its operation on 27 December 2012 with a view to attain interoperability among schedule banks for card based/online retail transactions. At present, NPSB is processing interbank Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Point of Sales (POS), Internet Banking Fund Transfer (IBFT) transactions.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM):

There are 53 Banks operating card business in the country. Among 53 banks 51 banks are interoperable for ATM transactions through NPSB. That is, a cardholder of any bank from these 51 NPSB member banks can use ATM of all other banks throughout the country. Cardholders are getting banking services like cash withdrawal, mini statement and balance inquiry for 24/7 from almost all ATMs in the country. As a result, Long queues at cash counter of banks are decreasing. Moreover, banks yet to install ATM and POS can issue cards to their clients. A cardholder has to pay 15 taka per transaction (including VAT) for Cash Withdrawal and 5 taka (including VAT) for each Mini Statement or Balance Inquiry using other Bank's ATM.

Point of Sales (POS):

48 banks are presently interoperable for POS transactions through NPSB. Cardholders from those banks can use POS of all NPSB member banks in different merchant outlets for their retail purchases. The necessity for holding cash is reducing very fast due to large acceptance of cards at POS of NPSB member banks. Cardholders need not to pay any extra charges for their retail purchases using other bank's POS under NPSB.

Internet Banking Fund Transfer (IBFT):

NPSB is also processing Internet Banking Fund Transfer (IBFT) transactions of 6 banks. An account/card holder of an IBFT member banks can transfer funds (account to account/card and card to card/account) to other Banks through internet banking. The daily transaction for a customer will be five times and a total of Tk 2,00,000(two lac). Each transaction will be maximum Tk. 50,000 (fifty thousand). Banks will ensure two factor authentications for internet banking to maintain security. Banks can provide services like utility bill payment, credit card bill payment, installments payment of loan, insurance premium payment etc. to their customers through internet banking from home or office.

The Central Bank is ensuring continuous effort to tighten the security of NPSB adapting International Standards and Best Practices of card based payment. A safe, secure and efficient retail payment system always involves active participation from all stakeholders (Banks, customers, government). Therefore, the Central Bank is in the pledge to step forward with altogether.

General Information
Particulars January, 2020
No. of Debit Card


No. of Credit Card


No. of prepaid Card


No. of ATM Booths


No of POS terminals 60474
NPSB certified Banks for ATM trans. 52 Banks
NPSB certified Banks for POS trans. 51 Banks
NPSB certified Banks for IBFT trans. 24 Banks


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