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Mobile Financial Services

The rapid growth of mobile phone users and countrywide coverage of mobile operator's network has made their delivery channel an important tool-of-the-trade for extending banking services to the unbanked/banked population, especially to expedite faster delivery of remittances across the country. From legal and regulatory perspective, only the bank-led model is allowed to operate in Bangladesh.

Approved Mobile Financial Services (in broad categories) are listed below -

  1. Disbursement of inward foreign remittances.
  2. Cash in /out using mobile account through agents/Bank branches/ ATMs/Mobile Operator's outlets.
  3. Person to Business Payments ‐ e.g. a. utility bill payments, b. merchant payments.
  4. Business to Person Payments e.g. salary disbursement, dividend and refund warrant payments, vendor payments, etc.
  5. Government to Person Payments e.g. elderly allowances. Freedom‐fighter allowances, subsidies, etc.
  6. Person to Government Payments e.g. tax, levy payments.
  7. Person to Person Payments (One registered mobile Account to another registered mobile account).
  8. Other payments like microfinance, overdrawn facility, insurance premium, DPS, etc.
Through PSD Circular no. 01/2017, dated: 11/01/2017, Bangladesh Bank has reset the transaction limit in the following manner:

Serial No. Type of transaction

Transaction limit

Per Day

Per Month


Cash in

BDT 15,000/- (maximum 2 transactions) BDT 1,00,000/- (maximum 20 transactions)

Cash out

BDT 10,000/-(maximum 2 transactions) BDT 50,000/-(maximum 10 transactions)
For any Cash in transaction in a certain a/c, not more than BDT 5,000/- can be withdrawn from that a/c within next 24 hours.

03. Person 2 person transfer

BDT 10,000/- (no limit in transaction number) 25,000/-(no limit in transaction number)

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