Tender for rent of Staff Bus (Faridabad-Sadarghat Road) detail.. [download] (137 KB)
Tender for rent of Staff Bus (Motijheel-Siddhanta HighiSchool) detail.. [download] (138 KB)
Advertisement regarding e-tender of Hardware engineer of PKB detail.. [download] (165 KB)
Tender for rent of Staff Bus (Motijheel-Ranimohal Road) detail.. [download] (60 KB)
e-Tender for Supply of bank note packing box made of mango wood and GP sheet invited by SPCBL,Gazipur detail.. [download] (306 KB)
e-Tender for Supplying, fitting and fixing homogeneous floor Tiles at bathroom and kitchen of different flat at b, c, d and e Type residential building of the security printing corporation (bangladesh ) ltd. detail.. [download] (207 KB)
Tender for Supply,Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 22500-24000 BTU/HR capacity 08(Eight) Set Wall mounted split Air-conditioner for Annexe Building 1st Floor (Mosque) of Bangladesh Bank, Khulna. detail.. [download] (300 KB)
Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 2 (Two) TR (19200-24000bte/tr) Capacity 08(Eight) Nos. Wall mounted Split type Air Conditioning Machine installed of mosque at Bangladesh Bank, Khulna Office, Khulna. detail.. [download] (300 KB)
Local/International Re-e Tender for supply of 300 PCS NYLO print Plates invited by SPCBL,Gazipur detail.. [download] (90 KB)
Tender for appointment of Currency Transportation Contractor for Government remittance transportation and Labor supply . detail.. [download] (430 KB)