List of active Money Changers in Bangladesh (date: 27 september, 2021) detail.. [download] (164 KB)
Declared by Honourable Prime Minister, Guarantee scheme to non-collateral enterprenures for cottage, micro and small enterprises (CMS) under financial incentive package detail.. [download] (152 KB)
Re-opening of Taka Museum for visitors detail.. [download] (65 KB)
Advertisement for the post of Head of BFIU detail.. [download] (494 KB)
List of Audit Firms (in alphabetical order) eligible for Auditing Banks and Financial Institutions approved in the 74th meeting of Audit Committee held on 17/06/2021 detail.. [download] (60 KB)
Soliciting stakeholders’ suggestion/opinion/feedback for FY 2021-22 monetary policy. detail.. [download] (102 KB)
Bangladesh Bank Remittance Award, 2020 detail..
Prospectus for Bangladesh Government Investment Sukuk (Jirah Sukuk) detail.. [download] (224 KB)
S&P sovereign credit rating of Bangladesh 2020 detail.. [download] (151 KB)
Bangladesh achieves Ba3 stable rating from Moodys for 11th consecutive year detail.. [download] (1751 KB)