Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh Bank Training Academy

Name & Designation Email Telephone Fax
Dr. Md. Habibur RahmanDeputy Governor
Muhammad Zakir HasanExecutive Director (ICT)
Md. Zulkar NaynExecutive Director
Dipankar BhattacharjeeDirector (BBTA)
S.M. Salim UddinDirector (BBTA)
Kakoli Jahan AhmedDirector (BBTA)
Mohammad Shamsuddin AhmedDirector (BBTA)
Dr. Imam Abu SayedDirector (BBTA)
Md. Shabbirul Alam ChowdhuryDirector(BBTA)
Dipti Rani HazraDirector(BBTA)
Md. Aminul Islam AkandDirector(BBTA)
Anwar Aftab AhmedDirector(BBTA)
Md. Saiful IslamDirector (Statistics)
A.K.M. Rezaul KarimDirector(BBTA)
Md. Abdul WahabDirector (Research)
Sarder Al EmranDirector (BBTA)

Objectives :

  1. Build a world-class center of excellence for imparting quality training to banks and non-bank financial institutions.
  2. Add value to knowledge management process through research, knowledge exchange and innovations in learning.

Functions :

Bangladesh Bank Training Academy (BBTA) will perform diversified activities in the light of its objectives. The functions of BBTA are as follows:

  1. To keep constant touch and work in collaboration with the Training & Development Wing of HRD.
  2. To formulate and design Annual Training Plan, course calendar, syllabus, course contents, to review curriculum periodically, to design need based training for the targeted people and ensure successful implementation of the training courses month wise.
  3. To arrange courses/workshop/seminar on the request of different department/ offices of Bangladesh Bank and outside organizations.
  4. To arrange Foundation Training Course for the newly recruited Assistant Directors of Bangladesh Bank.
  5. To impart training to Bangladesh Bank employees/officers, as well as scheduled Bank/Financial institution/Non banking financial institution/NGO personnel
  6. To invite experts/resource persons in different training courses with a view to imparting quality training.
  7. To give special emphasis on computer and IT training to cope with the technological advancement and financial innovations.
  8. To give emphasis on developing English Language skill of the Bangladesh Bank officials
  9. To enrich the library in BBTA.