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Bangladesh Bank Library (BBL)

“Bangladesh Bank Library” is one of the highly resourceful specialized libraries in the country with rich collection of books, journals and periodicals. It was started on 1962 as ‘State Bank of Pakistan Library’ and after the independence in 1971, it was renamed as ‘Bangladesh Bank Library (BBL)’. BBL is situated at the 6th floor of the main building of Bangladesh bank with a total 17,907.23 sqft. space. BBL provides computerized services to the employees of Bangladesh Bank as well as non-employees of home and abroad. In addition, BBL assists the country’s research community to access information and other resources related to economics, banking, management and accounting etc.

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The original library was housed in the Dhaka office of Deputy Governor until independence. Then it becomes a part of Research Department. All administrative function of the Library is under the supervision of Economic Adviser, Bangladesh Bank. The Library Committee is headed by the Deputy Governor along with EDs and EA as committee member. As professional chief, Deputy General Manager of the library takes care of all operational and administrative affairs of the library.

Presently, the Library has mainly two functional divisions namely, Library Division and Documentation Division. Library Division consists of Library Section and Institutional Repositories (IR/Archive) Section. Documentation Division consists of Documentation Section and Audio-Visual, Language and Cyber Section.

Moreover, the two divisions also have Procurement section, Processing section, Reproduction section, Binding and Clipping section, Administrative section.

Bangladesh bank library would become a living repository of the economic and financial development of Bangladesh, and ready to serve the Bankers' community, development workers, researchers and being an important resource for enhancing learning capacity of the public by collecting, organizing and distributing the intellectual capital of the institution and all other banks and financial institutions.
  • To collaborate with major Bank and Financial Institution Libraries of home and abroad
  • To provide library services in anticipation
  • To bring Library resources under RFID technology