Bangladesh Bank
(In million US$)
Items2021-22R2022-23P% Changes
3 over 2
      Services (Net)-3955.20-4256.10
            1. Transportation1752.501048.90-40.15
            2. Travel355.90446.9025.57
            3. Telecommunications, computer and information services754.60664.50-11.94
            4. Other business services1130.601198.806.03
            5. Government services2635.302058-21.91
            6. Others n.i.e.3295.702912.20-11.64
            1. Transportation8629.307270.80-15.74
            2. Travel1018.101592.6056.43
               Of which : Health related services3.201.70
                  Education related services414.50520.80
            3. Telecommunications, computer and information services123.601337.61
            4. Other business services820.80715.20-12.87
            5. Government services382.20303.30-20.64
            6.. Others n.i.e.2905.802570.60-11.54
      Primary Income (Net)-3151.70-4233.60
            1. Investment Income260.70340.20
               Direct investment12.405.20
                  Of which interest00
               Portfolio investment00
                  Of which interest00
               Other investment248.30335
                  Of which interest5.3021.40
            2. Others n.i.e.84.30116.30
            1. Investment Income3013.903870.90
               Direct investment1319.80664.80
                  Of which interest6.3014.10
               Portfolio investment256.90262.30
                  Of which interest4.902.40
               Other investment1437.202943.80
                  Of which interest931.201808.80
         2. Reinvested earnings483.40820.40
         3. Others n.i.e.-0.60-1.20

  • Source:
  • Statistics Department, Bangladesh Bank
  • National Board of Revenue
  • R:Revised, P : Provisional, RP: Revised but still Provisional