Bangladesh Bank

Information & Communication Technology Department   

Name & Designation Email Telephone Fax
Kazi Sayedur RahmanDeputy Governor
880-2-9530412, 880-2-9530422--
Debdulal RoyExecutive Director (ICT)
Chandan SahaDirector (ICT)
Md. Amir Hossain PathanDirector (ICT)
Mohammad Abdur RazzaqDirector (ICT)
Pankaj Kumar MallickDirector (ICT)

Terms of reference (TOR) of Information and Communication Technology Department

  1. Formulate and implement overall ICT strategy for Bangladesh Bank as well as Financial Sector in consultation with stakeholders.
  2. Design and implement of ICT Infrastructure (Data Center, Near Data Center, Disaster Recovery Site and Branch Server Room and Floor Access Network) and ICT Systems including Server Operating System Software Defined Network, Storage Virtualization and Backup Software, Helpdesk Software, Active Directory System, Mail System, End-point Security System, Virtualization Software etc.
  3. Implement ICT Remediation Plan in collaboration with all stakeholders.
  4. Development of Core Banking Solution for Bangladesh Bank.
  5. Development, improvement and provide technical assistance to Integrated Supervision System.
  6. Development, improvement and provide technical assistance to Cooperative Banking System for BB Dhaka Cooperative and other BB branch cooperatives.
  7. Development of Mobile Apps.
  8. Provide technical services to IT Governance and Risk Management.
  9. Requirement and business process analysis to automate business functionality for achieving business demand.
  10. Development and management of in-house software with latest secured technology. Ensure operational, update and modification services according to business requirement time to time. Maintain standards for in-house applications.
  11. Ensure proper deployment, integration and customization of software to get the maximum benefit from the software which fully mitigates the business requirement.
  12. Provide technical support for CBS, MI in association with TCS.
  13. Provide technical services for outsourced software and upgrade process. Ensure operational, update and modification services for those outsourced software according to business requirement time to time. Application administration, customization, support management and technical assistance of outsourced application systems.
  14. Perform software testing and quality assurance for in-house developed Software before go-live to maintain international standard.
  15. Proper administration and optimization of database with latest technology to give faster services to the application.
  16. Implementing and imposing security policies to all in-house Application Software and Databases.
  17. Monitoring of Application and central Databases.
  18. Management of Enterprise Data warehouse and manage flow of accurate and up-to-date information related to monetary, financial and associated sectors of the economy.
  19. Monitoring and Management of enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN) and Data replication between DC and NDC.
  20. Enterprise Storage and Backup Software Administration.
  21. Formulate and periodically update Business Continuity Plan in collaboration with PSD, IAD, EMD, SMD and other related stakeholder departments.
  22. Prepare ICT policies regarding ICT system. Work with different ICT policies in collaboration with IAD, BRPD, HRD and other related stakeholder departments.
  23. Assist DBI to conduct periodic ICT Audit/Inspection.
  24. Serve as project management office (PMO) for donor funded ICT projects and provide/prepare all relevant and required technical documents for ICT projects and implement the same with other related stakeholder departments.
  25. Procurement of ICT Systems, Systems Support Service for ICT Infrastructure covering Data Center, Near Data Center, Disaster Recovery Site, Branch server rooms and Floor access network only.
  26. ICT Technical Training needs analysis.
  27. On demand Technical support to BACH, BEFTN, CIB, ERP, goAML, NPSB, RTGS etc.
  28. Work closely with stakeholder departments to ensure ICT security of Bangladesh Bank.
  29. Work closely with government agencies such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Government Computer Incident Response Team GOV-CIRT to enhance ICT security and cyber risk related issues etc.
  30. Prepare innovative plan and coordinate Digital Innovation Team of Bangladesh Bank.
  31. Research and Development.
  32. To ensure smooth operation of automated ICT services & ensuring quality ICT supports to the users of BB. ICTD is also entrusted with the responsibility of conducting technological implementation of various national level critical operations such as Real-time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Bangladesh Automated Clearing House (BACH), National Payment Switch (NPS), and CIB online, Foreign Exchange Transaction Monitoring System (FXTMS) etc.
  33. Follow up audit/inspection compliance and take appropriate measures.
  34. Server administration and operation and hardware maintenance.
  35. Network and Security Appliance administration, operation and Hardware Maintenance.
  36. Need analysis of computer and other relevant ICT equipments for Bangladesh Bank.
  37. Helpdesk Software Operation. End-User Support (Enterprise Application, PC etc.) using Helpdesk System.
  38. Provide and ensure quality ICT support to the user, different departments and branch offices enhancing efficiency, effectiveness of ICT operations.
  39. Ensure proper monitoring of different internal and external network and server systems with latest technology to get the maximum benefit which ensure security and smooth operation of the network, server systems as well as whole infrastructure of Bangladesh Bank. Maintain Service Level agreement and upgrade process through preventive/reactive maintenance.
  40. Data Center (DC), Near Data Center (NDC), Far Data Center/Disaster Recovery (FDC/DR) live monitoring 24/7/365. Proper management & maintenance of these sites & take preventive & correctives measures to ensure ICT service.
  41. ICT Inventory Management and Disposal Management.
  42. Implementing and imposing security policies to related hardware and others.
  43. Provide assistance related to end user device procurement.
  44. Provide assistance to prepare relevant and required technical documents for network, server, storage, related hardware and implement the same with other related departments for ICT projects.
  45. Provide assistance and technical advisory services to various financial organizations including government and non-government to secure their automated business functionalities through infrastructure (network, server & hardware security) security.
  46. Antivirus and related security product management.
  47. Internet bandwidth and related policies management.
  48. Patch deployment and Auto Deployment Software Administration.
  49. Administration and maintenance of BB mailing system.
  50. Administration and maintenance of Active Directory Service of BB.
  51. Work closely with stakeholder departments to ensure the security of ICT infrastructure of Bangladesh Bank.
  52. Work closely with state owned commercial banks and specialized banks to automate their business process.
  53. Provide end users training for BB employees on ICT Security policy, Guideline, Awareness etc.