Bangladesh Bank

Expenditure Management Department-2   

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Nurun NaharDeputy Governor
Manoj Kumar HowladerExecutive Director
Md. Rajab AliDirector (EMD-2)

Brief description of the functions of various sections of EMD-2 are outlined below :

(1)GM Section

  • Receiving the upcoming different letters;
  • Inward all letters;
  • Communicate with different departments.
  • (2)General Section

  • General Administration of the Department;
  • Compliance of Internal, External and Commercial Audit memos;
  • Posting Voucher in the ledger of different sections;
  • Maintaining ICT security related documents;
  • Arranging Departmental monthly meeting;
  • Provide support for strategic planning of the department;
  • Distributing Inwards letters among the sections of the department.
  • (3)Miscellaneous Payment Section

  • Payment of donation and subscriptions to local and foreign Institutions;
  • Arrangement for supply of liveries to eligible C & D category staff;
  • Payment of coolie/ labour charges, washing charges etc.
  • Payment of paper bills, legal bills, advertisement bills, postal/courier bills, late sitting bills of officers and cleaning contractors bills;
  • Payment of advance for buying presentation and refreshments for the employees of the bank who proceeded on PRL;
  • Payment of local conveyance, pocket money, hotel bills etc. for training purposes;
  • Payment of all sorts of honorarium;
  • Payment all sorts of entertainment / refreshment bills and shifting charges;
  • Payment of salary of Ornate MLSS, Ornate guard, Ornate Telephone operator and bonus of Ornate MLSS, Ornate guard;
  • Payment of course fees of locally and abroad;
  • Supply of all sorts of crockerys, office bags and briefcases;
  • Payment of bills relating to training conducted by BBTA and other departments of Head Office held in branch offices;
  • Reimbursement of cost incurred by high officials for maintenance of cars;
  • Reimbursement of cost for carrying dead body and burial purposes;
  • Supply of Aerosol, Air Freshener, Car scent, Facial and Toilet Tissues etc. ;
  • Maintenance of petty Cash;
  • Submit monthly vat statement to NBR.
  • (4) Dead Stock and Stationery Section

  • Enlist farms to supply stationery articles and office furniture for Head Office;
  • Procure & pay bills, then maintain record of all dead stock and stationery items;
  • Fixture, repair & maintain furniture of Head Office;
  • Disposal / sale of old / broken dead stock articles by auction;
  • Supply of all sorts of stationery articles to staff / officers;
  • Allotment of code numbers for new registers, forms, stationery articles etc.
  • Supply and fixture vertical blind and curtain;
  • Allocate budget and pay bills for the publications published by DCP;
  • Supply of all sorts of printed items by printing to Head Office;
  • Supply of Issue dept. stores goods to all branch offices;
  • Submit monthly vat statement to NBR.
  • (5)Telephone Section

  • Arrangement for connection and installation of official / residential / PABX / Direct Telephones, Fax, SWIFT net connectivity etc. ;
  • Procurement of Land Telephone / Mobile set / Fax / Franking machines and related accessories;
  • Repairing of Telephone, Fax etc. ;
  • Payment of monthly Mobile / Telephone / Fax / Internet bills;
  • Maintenance of PABX and Intercom system.
  • (6) Medical Bill Section

  • Preparing and distributing cheque of monthly medical allowance for the retired staff / officers;
  • Payment of Health Insurance Bills in case of foreign tour / training.
  • (7)Expenditure Section

  • Pest control related work of Head and branch offices;
  • Sanction of Death Benefits and Compassionate Allowances for the members of the deceased employees of branch offices ( other than Head Office);
  • Payment of Medical Allowance to retired employees.
  • (8)Safeguard Section

  • Perform safeguard checking for payments made to external vendors;
  • Mandatory checking of contractors bill amount Tk. 10,000/- and above;
  • Sample checking of pay and allowances given to Bangladesh Bank employees on monthly basis.
  • (9) Pantri Section

  • Supply of different kinds of refreshment to departmental meeting and other occasion with different stake holder.