Integrated Supervision Management Department

Name & Designation Telephone Email Fax
Ahmed JamalDeputy Governor880-2-9530412880-2-7110071
A.K.M. Mohiuddin AzadExecutive Director880-31-621092880-31-634776
Md. Hanif MiahGeneral Manager02 953062402 9530624
Noor Mohammad SheikhGeneral Manager (G)880-2-9530735--


Integrated Supervision Management Department was established on 24 November 2016 with a view to developing and implementing digitized supervision across the banking system and strengthening ongoing banking supervision activities through ISS (Integrated Supervision System). Bangladesh Bank (BB), as central bank, can monitor the financial status of the banks and financial institutions (FI) and their branches located any area across the country using online based ISS.  


  • To streamline the supervision efficiency of all supervision forces including the branch management of banks and FIs.
  • To enable BB to ensure dynamic supervision on root level activities of banks and FIs and explore policy gaps to take prudent elucidation.
  • To develop a micro effective macro prudential supervision structure.


 Key Functions:

  • Designing and developing the supervision tools.
  • Formulating policies/circulars related to ISS.
  • Providing policy support to other departments of BB.
  • Preparing 'Report for the Bank's Observer'.
  • Conducting studies related to risk parameters, new risk inclusion.
  • Managing the works related to joint/collaborate inspections of other departments of BB.
  • Conducting user/stakeholder survey to ensure the utilization of the system.
  • Arranging training programs for Banks and FIs on ISS reporting.