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Financial Integrity and Customer Services Department

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Nurun NaharDeputy Governor
Md. Saiful Islam KhanExecutive Director
Abu Hena Humayun KabirDirector (FICSD)

As per the Administrative Circular No-24, dated 26-07-2012 of Human Resources Department-1 the Former Foreign Exchange Inspection & Vigilance Department is rearranged as a new Department; namely Financial Integrity and Customer Services Department (FICSD) with a view to minimizing fraud and forgery in our banking industry.
The Divisions under Financial Integrity and Customer Services Department (FICSD):
There are three divisions under the Financial Integrity and Customer Services Department (FICSD), namely-

  1. Vigilance and Anti-Fraud Division
  2. Customer Services Division
  3. Technical Services Division
  1. The functions of Vigilance and Anti-Fraud Division:
    1. To conduct on-site inspection on consumer complaints which are of a complex nature or that can not be solved without spot verification.
    2. To implement decisions, taken on the basis of on-site inspection/spot verification, requiring corrective action by the banks and other REs regarding legitimate and serious complaints.
    3. To inspect banks and other REs for the early warning signs of internal and external fraud and the effectiveness of their internal controls to prevent fraud, in cooperation with the DBIs and DFIM.
    4. To conduct investigations proactively when there is probable cause of fraud with banks and other financial institutions, Money Changers, MLM Companies, NGOs etc. and take necessary action on the basis of the findings of the investigation including making criminal referrals when appropriate.
    5. To promote accurate reporting of internal and external fraud at banks and other REs in the news media, in a manner that avoids spurious accusations and reassures customers that BB is aware of, and taking action against, fraudulent activities.
    6. To preserve the outstanding findings of the investigation/on-site inspection in the corporate memory.
    7. To conduct on-site inspection on any other subject/ complaint as per instruction of the higher authority.
    8. To perform other relevant activities.
  2. The Functions of the Customer Services Division:
    1. Functions of the Customer Service Policy Unit:
      1. Formulating the guidelines to determine the role of the Board of Directors and the necessary structures and activities in the area of Customer Services and Consumer Protection.
      2. Formulating, revising and developing the policy and procedures related to the resolution of customers' complaints from BB's side, as well as minimum standards of performance by the banks and other REs when a customer complaint is received by BB.
      3. Analysing all types of customer service related policies as submitted by banks and other REs to determine compliance with BB standards.
      4. Formulating policy and guidelines on consumer rights, including interest rate and fee disclosures.
      5. Preparing RIT for the collection of information in order to assess the standard of the customer services of the banks.
      6. Circulating the customer services related policies and directives to banks and other REs, departments /offices of Bangladesh Bank and all the concerned parties.
    2. Functions of the Grievance Redressal Unit :
      1. Taking necessary action on the written complaints:
        • Filtration of the complaints.
        • Invitation of the opinion/comments/explanation of the concerned banks on the complaints.
        • Analizing the opinion/comment/explanation sent by the concerned banks and to put up the cases with recommendations.
        • Implementation of the decision.
      2. Transferring the complaints to the "Vigilance and Fraud Prevention Division" if it requires a field level investigation.
      3. Preparing the summary and statement of the complaints received by the Department and submitting the same to the Governor on a monthly basis.
      4. Maintaining all time communication with the FICSD of the branch offices of Bangladesh Bank, monitoring their activities, and preparing the consolidated statement on the basis of the monthly statements of complaints received from the branch offices, analyzing andtransmitting the same to the G.M and implementing an appropriate, timely, and relevant decision.
      5. Monitoring the "Complaint Cells" of scheduled banks and other REs and preparing the report after analysis of the quarterly reports received from the scheduled banks and other REs, transmitting the same to the higher authority and implementing the decision.
      6. To arrange tri-partite meeting with the General Manager of the Department (FICSD) in the chair to urgently resolve any critical complaint. The tri partite means the accused bank/RE, the complainant and Bangladesh Bank.
      7. Carrying out other related works.
    3. Functions of the Dissemination and Communication Unit :
      1. Receiving the complaints sent over/by telephone, mobile, e-mail and fax during office time on all the working days (except weekends or government holidays).
      2. Transfering the received complaints to the Grievance Redressal Unit to resolve the same.
      3. Responding to the incoming calls in time and giving answers to the query of the public.
      4. In the cases where it is not possible to give the right answer to the query of the public instantly, the Unit will obtain the right answers from the concerned Sections/Departments and inform the querer as soon as possible.
      5. Maintaining liaison with the banks and other REs, Departments/Offices of Bangladesh Bank and other concerned authorities such as BAB, ABB etc. for resolution of the complaints and protection of the interest of the customers.
      6. Performing the works of publication, public relations and communication with the media, including the creation and maintenance of dedicated pages on the Bangladesh Bank website.
      7. Performing other related works.
  3. Functions of the Technical Services Division:
    1. Developing and disseminating policies and guidelines governing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) activities of banks and other REs, in the areas of audit, business continuity/disaster recovery, development and acquisition, electronic banking, information security, outsourcing, and retail payments.
    2. Conducting in-house training and organizing external training for ICT inspectors.
    3. Conducting on-site inspections to determine compliance with abovementioned policies and guidelines, in cooperation with the DBIs.
    4. Cooperating with the Vigilance and Fraud Prevention Division to investigate cases of possible misuse of the ICT systems for fraudulent purposes.