Bangladesh Bank

Foreign Exchange Operation Department

Name & Designation Email Telephone Fax
Kazi Sayedur RahmanDeputy Governor
880-2-9530412, 880-2-9530422--
Md. Forkan HossainExecutive Director
Md. Bayazid SarkerDirector(FEOD)
The Foreign Exchange Operation Department is entrusted with the supervision and monitoring of all the activities in connection with foreign exchange operations. The work of this department is done in terms of Foreign Exchange Regulations Act, 1947 as adapted in Bangladesh and Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Transaction (GFET)
The activities of the department are as follows:
1. Taking actions against objections under nonpayment of bills of local & back to back L/C.
2. Preparation of monthly consolidated report on Overdue Bill of Entry as collected from AD bank branches.
3. Maintaining Database of Overdue Bill of Entry.
4. Waiving Overdue Bill of Entry.
5. Revalidation of LCAF value.
6. Taking actions against of nonpayment of local L/C.
7. Taking actions against PSI objections.
8. Approval of Re-export/Re-import matters.
9. Collection of various statements related to Foreign Exchange Transactions from scheduled banks.
10. Collection of various statements from different agents who earns foreign currency as commission.
11. Re-attestation and Post facto checking on Export Realization Certificate.
12. All works related to Nonresident Blocked accounts.
13. Collection of statements of money changers on monthly basis, Verification and renewal of license.
14. Renewal of limited money changing license.
15. Collection and checking the statements of Airlines/Shipping Lines/Courier Services/PSI/TM Form.
16. Approval of Satellite Distributors /Medical file/Students Admissions file .
17. Approval of foreign agents' Commission (maximum 10%).
18. Matching of EXP Forms, analysis and taking action thereof.
19. Analysis on Overdue Export bill and taking action thereof.
20. Other work relating to foreign exchange operation.