Bangladesh Bank

Debt Management Department

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Nurun NaharDeputy Governor
Md. Saiful Islam KhanExecutive Director
Istequemal HussainDirector (DMD)

Bangladesh Bank Order-1972, article 20 and Treasury rules-1998 (Appendix-1, Section-3) empowers Bangladesh Bank for the issuance and the management of the debt of the Government. As per the mentioned regulations the Debt Management Department of Bangladesh Bank, in consultation with the Ministry of Finance performs all activities related to the issuance and management of the government securities. The department has the responsibility to develop the government securities market. Consequently, the department operates a primary dealer system for the government securities. Along with the management of marketable securities, the department also handles policies and administrative matters pertaining to the flotation of non-marketable national savings instruments.

    The major functions of the Department:
  • 1. Formulation of policies regarding issuance of theTreasury Bills and Treasury Bonds;
  • 2. Execution of the issuance and management of the Special Treasury Bonds;
  • 3. Formulation of polices regarding Shariah based government securities;
  • 4. Perform the activities of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the issuance of Bangladesh Government Investment Sukuk;
  • 5. Operate and supervise the Primary Dealer System;
  • 6. Promote a well functioning securities market through building up a long term yield curve;
  • 7. Strengthen the institutional and legal framework to attract more investment in Govt. securities;
  • 8. Implement policies relating to Sanchayapatras and Sanchayabonds and provide clarification of different policies;
  • 9. Take measures against the fraud and forgery of non-marketable Government securities;
  • 10. Monitoring the overnight money market transactions.