Department of Foreign Exchange Inspection

Name & Designation Telephone Email Fax
A.K.M Sajedur Rahman KhanDeputy Governor880-2-9530417880-2-9530479
Md. Shafiqul IslamExecutive Director880-2-9530472
Md. Shahidul IslamGeneral Manager (G)880-2-9511851880-02-9530293

Department of Foreign Exchange Inspection (DFEI) was established on 26-07-2012 vide Administrative circular no-24 of Human Resources Department-1. The main objective of the department is to conduct inspections on AD branches and Head/Country Offices of all scheduled banks in the area of foreign trade and transactions. The department also inspects the activities of money changers. The department directs its efforts to indentify irregularities and risks in foreign exchange transactions and makes suggestions to regularize them.

  1. Scheduled Banks

The foremost activities accomplished on all scheduled bank by the department include:

  1. On –site comprehensive inspection on Authorized Dealer (AD) branches (including new AD), Off-shore Banking Units (OBU) and Head/Country Offices of all scheduled banks.
  2. Both on-site and Off-site comprehensive inspection on Foreign exchange Risk Management of all scheduled banks.
  3. Comprehensive/Special inspection program on foreign branches and Exchange Houses of Bangladeshi scheduled banks operating abroad.
  4. Need-based special inspection on all scheduled banks on any other subjects/complaints/ issues as per Directions of the higher authority.

It also commits the subsequent activities on the on the identical area:

  1. Preparing and approving inspection reports after completing inspection within stipulated time.
  2. Delivering the hard/soft copy of reports to the scheduled bank for their compliance.
  3. Other relevant activities as required.
  4. Money changers.

The following activities are essentially performed on money changers by the department.

  1. Conducting comprehensive and special inspection concerning changing location of office premise of all money changers and limited money changers in the country.
  2. Preparing and approving the reports after ending inspection within stipulated time.
  3. Delivering the hard/soft copy of report foreign exchange policy department for taking next necessary steps.
  4. Other relevant activities as required.
  1.  Others


  1. Examining and exploring the news report published both in print and electronic media correlated in banking and financial issues.
  2. Scrutinizing and putting forward the findings to the superior authority for the kind perusal and necessary instruction and
  3. Other relevant activities as per requirements.

It carries out the following general/administrative activities also.

  1. Ensuring each and every one of the department to provide all types of logistic support.
  2. Keeping account of all accessories and staffs of all daily affairs.
  3. Preserving registers of all actions performed in the department.
  4. Submitting audit requirements on demand basis.
  5. Time to time report to the concerned department and
  6. Other relevant activities as per requirements.