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Barishal Office

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Md. Abdul MannanExecutive Director
Md. Sawkatul AlamDirector (Barishal Office)
Bishnupada KarDirector(Barisal Office)
Bangladesh Bank, Barishal, one of the branches of the Central Bank , was established on 17th November, 1991 with a view to managing the monetary and credit system, establishing domestic monetary value and maintaining a competitive external par value of the Bangladeshi Taka towards fostering growth and development of country's productive resources in best national interest. It performs almost all the Central Banking functions as embodied in the Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972.The operational jurisdiction of this office covers Barishal, Jhalakati , Patuakhali, Barguna, Bhola and Pirojpur of Barishal Division and Madaripur and Shariatpur districts of Dhaka Division.
Barishal Office works as per set rules, policies and guidelines given by the Head Office from time to time. The Executive Director is the chief executive of the Office. The main functions of its Departments/Sections are as under:-
Serial Department/Section Main Function
01) Department of Banking Inspection(DBI) To conduct Supervision/Inspections of Scheduled Banks and Financial Institutions under the jurisdiction of this Office(On-Site &Off-Site).
02) Foreign Exchange Policy Department (FEPD) To conduct Supervision/Inspections of Money Changers under the jurisdiction of this Office(On-Site &Off-Site).
03) Agricultural Credit Department (ACD) To monitor agricultural Credit Operations of various Commercial Banks and attend meetings of the District Agricultural Credit Committees.
04) Deposit Accounts Department (DAB) To monitor daily Banking Operations, maintaining of Current Accounts of the Commercial Banks.
05) Public Accounts Department (PAD) To maintain record of transfer of funds of different Govt. Accounts and report regularly to the concerned authority.
06) Cash Department To ensure supply of Currency Notes & Coins, receive issuable and non-issuable notes and exchange of notes and coins including defective notes over the counter and also payment.
07) Currency and Claims Section To receive all defective notes from the general public and other Scheduled Banks and disposal thereof.
08) Prize Bond & Sanchoy Patra Section To issue, encashment & re-imbursement of various Govt. Bonds and Savings Certificates to public and Banks.
09) SME and Special Programs Department To monitor the disbursement and recovery of SME and special program credit. Besides this, Women Enterprenure Development Unit has been formed.
Besides above, the office also performs its internal Human Resources Management, extends welfare activities and other job related tasks as required.