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Sadarghat Office

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Subhash Chandra KirityDirector (Sadarghat Office)
Present Sadarghat Office had been the first and only office for working as the Central Bank of the Erstwhile East Pakistan which was declared open for functioning on 20th January, 1956. It is situated in the old area of Dhaka city.

A General Manager heads this office. Basically this office is entrusted with treasury functions. It serves the people & the scheduled banks within its Jurisdiction . It has got 13 sections & a Cash Department to run its business. The main functions performed by its various Sections/Department are furnished below :-

Main Function Related Department/Section
1. To conduct & monitor the daily transactions with the scheduled banks within its Jurisdiction . Deposit Accounts Department
2. Government receipts & payments as a function of Banker to the Govt. Public Accounts Department
3. (a) To ensure availability of Currency Notes & Coins as per public demand. Currency Section/Cash Department

Receipt of remittance from & sending of the same to the chests and commercial banks at different places as per direction of Currency Officer of Bangladesh Bank, Motijheel Office.

Arranged by Currency Section & Cash Deptt. as per order of General Manager of this Office
4. Making value payment against receipt of defective notes presented by the people/banks Claims Section/Cash Department

To destroy the non-issue, defective and cancelled notes.

Verification Branch & C.N.V. Section.


Sales & Encashment of prize bonds & saving certificates

Prize Bond Section/Sanchay Patra Section as well as Sanchay Patra Bureau.

7. (a)

To carry out cash transactions over more or less 32 counters. Besides these there are vault operations & Cash Management.

Cash Department.

To make payment of monthly pension to the pensioners.