Bangladesh Bank

Forex Reserve & Treasury Management Department

Name & Designation Email Telephone Fax
Nurun NaharDeputy Governor
Dr. Md. Kabir AhmedExecutive Director
880-2- 9530419--
A.K.M. KamruzzamanDirector (FRTMD)
Mohammad Mahbub AlamDirector (FRTMD)
  • 1. Management, maintenance and investment of foreign exchange reserve held by Bangladesh Bank.
  • 2. Disbursement and recovery of Export Development Fund (EDF) through banks to promote country’s export.
  • 3. Disbursement and recovery of Green Transformation Fund(GTF) through banks to manufacturer-exporters for environment-friendly initiatives.
  • 4. Maintenance of Clearing Accounts of authorized dealers in foreign exchange.
  • 5. Making transactions in foreign currencies with authorized dealers on cash or spot basis.
  • 6. Settlement of transactions among ACU member countries through ACU mechanism.
  • 7. Repayment of Government external debt including debt servicing and arrangement of miscellaneous outward remittances to meet Government forex requirement.
  • 8. Keeping of the accounts for the funds/loans received from donors and disbursement thereof also collection of FC cheques on behalf of Government.