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  Code Lists for Reporting of External sector Transactions by the ADs (Draft Edition, Feb 2018)
  Guidelines on International Factoring
  Guidelines to Fill in the Non-Bank Financial Institutions returns-1, 2 & 3
  Guidelines For Foreign Exchange Transactions 2016 (Vol-1)  
  Foreign Exchange Risk Management Guidelines  
  Policies and guidelines for New CIB Online Solution, 2015
  CIB Online User Guide, 2015
  CIB Batch Contribution User Guide, 2015
  Guidelines on Internal Control & Compliance in Banks   [English]  
  Risk Assessment Guideline for Banking Sector  [English]  
  CSR engagements: Indicative Guidelines for expenditure allocations and end use oversight  [English]  
  Guidelines on outsourcing arrangements  [Bangla] [English]  
  Guidelines to fill in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Returns and Related Rationalized Input Template (RIT)
(First Edition: February, 2013)
  Basel Accord for Financial Institution (BAFI)
  Bangladesh Financial Sector Support Project (FSSP): Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF)  English Bangla [updated as on April 01, 2015]
  Investment Promotion and Financing Facility (IPFF): Executive Summary for Draft ESMF Report [Bangla]
  Investment Promotion and Financing Facility (IPFF): Final draft ESMF Report
  National Payment System Act   
  Proposed Act as "Deposit Protection Act, 2017"    
  Banking Company Amendment Act, 2011    

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