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Do I have to purchase admission tickets? And how much is the cost of the tickets?
There is no tickets. You can visit free of cost.
How does a group plan its visit?
Groups of 40 people are kindly requested to make reservations in advance. A maximum of 40 people is allowable. For more information on visiting the museum as a group, please refer to Visit Info.
How long does a visit to the museum take?
It takes 30 to 60 minutes.
Is parking available at the museum?
Private cars only.
Are there any guides to the museum?
Guided tours (available only in Bengali and English) are conducted.
Does the Taka Museum offer an appraising service of antique currencies?
No. The Taka Museum does not have any information of their trading values, and can not offer such service.
Does the Taka Museum sell any commemorative notes and coins?
Yes. There is a souvenir shop at the museum. Anyone can purchase any commemorative notes and coins at a fixed price.
Does the Taka Museum offer any facility for the visitors?
Yes. There is a Photo Kiosk at the museum. Anyone can print a souvenir note using his/her own face on the obverse.
Are backpacks, suitcases or luggage permitted in the museum?
Backpacks and bags smaller than 8" x 8" are permitted in the museum, but must be checked. All bags are subject to inspection. Visitors may check these items in the coatroom. Bags larger than 8" x 8", suitcases and luggage are not permitted and cannot be checked in.
Is photography permitted in the museum?
Photography is not permitted above the ground floor.