Bangladesh Bank

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Professional Guides are available.

Audio Guide

Bangla and English version audio guide is available.

Touch Screen

You can get information about coins by a single touch on Digital Kiosk.

3D Screen

Visitors can see three dimensional (3D) images of some important coins and security thread of Banknotes and over view of the museum on 3D screen.

School Banking

Any one can get detailed information about newly operated school banking in Bangladesh and can watch the documentary about the history of Taka.

Photo Kiosk

Another attraction of Taka Museum is photo kiosk. You can commemorate your visit to Taka Museum by framing your image in a 1 (one) Lac taka denominational souvenir note at photo kiosk.

Souvenir Shop

From souvenir shop, you can collect commemorative notes, coins, specimen notes, books and other souvenir items of Bangladesh Bank.

Coin Cafe

After visiting the museum, the visitors can refresh themselves at coin café with various snacks and soft drinks.