Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh offers generous opportunities for investment under its liberalised Industrial Policy and export-oriented, private sector-led growth strategy. The government's role is that of a facilitator which helps create an enabling environment for expanding private investment, both domestic and foreign. The Board of Investment (BOI), established by the government for accelerating private investment, provides institutional support services to intending investors. Non Resident Bangladeshis have numbers of opportunities to invest their money in different bonds to earn attractive profit like premium bond, investment bond etc. Bangladeshi nationals living abroad can send Foreign Exchange very easily and directly to bank accounts maintained in Bangladesh. For this, drawing arrangements is created with Foreign banks and Exchange houses .Persons willing to remit their earnings through official channels can buy either Taka draft or US dollar draft from these Foreign banks and Exchange houses having drawing arrangements with different banks in Bangladesh. Prizebond and Shanchaypatra are two facilities for local Bangladeshi citizens.