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Interest Rate Spread (Overall)
Sl No Name of NBFI FI ID W. Avg. Deposits W. Avg. Advances Spread
(a) (b) (c)=(b)-(a)
May, 2022
1Phoenix Finance and Investments Limited2119.4014.845.44
2Uttara Finance and Investments Limited2129.668.68-0.98
3GSP Finance Company (Bangladesh) Limited (GSPB)2138.5912.854.26
4Aviva Finance Limited2148.8011.382.58
5Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. (DBH)2156.088.842.76
6LankaBangla Finance Ltd.2167.6510.642.99
7Prime Finance & Investment Ltd2179.238.33-0.90
8Bay Leasing & Investment Limited2197.1611.964.80
9Bangladesh Industrial Finance Company Limited (BIFC)2208.260.72-7.54
10IDLC Finance Limited2216.159.923.77
11Union Capital Limited2227.9112.434.52
12National Housing Finance and Investments Limited2236.259.793.54
13International Leasing and Financial Services Limited 2248.4113.535.12
14Islamic Finance and Investment Limited2257.6212.995.37
15Premier Leasing & Finance Limited2269.268.16-1.10
16Fareast Finance & Investment Limited2279.196.62-2.57
17First Finance Limited2288.993.92-5.07
18United Finance Limited2296.8810.033.15
19MIDAS Financing Ltd. (MFL)2309.309.820.52
20Bangladesh Finance Limited2317.8012.524.72
21Industrial and Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IIDFC) Limited2327.948.350.41
22FAS Finance & Investment Limited2339.831.10-8.73
23IPDC Finance Ltd2346.469.543.08
24National Finance Ltd2357.8411.974.13
25Hajj Finance Company Limited2368.1512.043.89
26Meridian Finance and Investment Ltd.2388.1411.843.70
27CVC Finance Limited2398.9613.614.65
28Lankan Alliance Finance Limited2407.0610.753.69
29Strategic Finance & Investments Limited2497.3910.553.16
30ALL NBFIs7.4510.052.60

Source : Statistics Department, Bangladesh Bank, Head Office.