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(Taka in million)
Components Aug, 2021Jul, 2021Aug, 2020 Percentage Changes
Aug, 2021
Jul, 2021
Aug, 2021
Aug, 2020
1. Currency Outside banks213520722704291939896-5.9610.07
2. Deposits of Financial Institutions with Bangladesh Bank (except DMBs)*530156935106-6.893.82
3. Demand Deposits with DMBs*1607255157384013452742.1219.47
4. Time Deposits with DMBs*1204766611930498108638470.9810.9
5. Money Supply (M1) (1+2+3)374776338499623290276-2.6513.9
6. Money Supply(M2) (4+5)1579542915780460141541230.0911.6

Source : Statistics Department, Bangladesh Bank
  Note: * Excludes Inter bank Deposits and Government Deposits.
p := Provisional