Bangladesh Bank
    Following rules/procedures are now followed for the supply of Bangladesh notes and coins to foreign collectors:

  1. Under existing rules/procedures one foreign collector can collect only five hundred Taka (Bangladesh Currency ) at a time . We have denominations of notes of Taka 1000.00, 500.00, 100.00, 50.00, 20.00, 10.00, 5.00, 2.00, 1.00 and coins of Taka 5.00,2.00 1.00, 0.50, 0.25, 0.10, 0.05, 0.01 totalling Taka 1696.91 only. Hence anybody can collect at a time either only one note of Taka 500.00 denomination in exchange for equivalent amount of U.S. dollar in cash or all other remaining currency notes and coins in exchange for equivalent amount of US dollar in cash to be sent to the Director, Department of Currency Management, Bangladesh Bank, Head Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  2. The price of notes/coins will not be less than US $ 1.

  3. Fraction dollar will be converted to full amount (1 dollar).

  4. The above mentioned exchange value will include additional US $ 4 as postal charge for each time.