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Foreign Direct investment Promotion Project   

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FDIPP Implementation Unit is the implementing agency on behalf of Bangladesh Bank of the Two Step Loan (TSL) component of Foreign Direct investment Promotion Project (FDIPP) funded by JICA. It is an On-Lending Loan Scheme to provide short, medium and long-term loans to Japanese-invested enterprises in Bangladesh, Japan-Bangladesh joint venture companies in Bangladesh and Bangladeshi enterprises having substantial business deal with Japanese companies through the accredited Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs).

  1. Review policy i.e modification of Operating Guidelines of FDIPP and provide secretarial functions of Steering Committee of the project.
  2. Receive application from PFIs for refinance/prefinance on account of End Borrowers; scrutinize the applications and sanction the finance.
  3. Make disbursements of OLL funds
  4. Maintain duly the Designated Account, the Project Operating Accounts, the Revolving Fund Accounts and the Reserve Accounts established for the TSL Projects
  5. Arrange for advance disbursement from JICA
  6. Conduct inspection to PFIs and End-borrowers
  7. Conduct the accreditation of PFIs, including annual review
  8. Make recovery of OLL from PFIs.
  9. Prepare statements of the Project Accounts
  10. Provide full cooperation to external audit of the Designated Account, the Project Operating Accounts, the Revolving Fund Accounts as well as to the Statement of Expenditures
  11. Appoint Consultants and make payment to Consultants
  12. Organize promotional activities to disseminate the information of FDIPP to stakeholders i.e. organizing seminar, workshop, advertisements etc.
  13. Prepare Current Repayment and Overdue Status Report.
  14. Prepare Budget of Disbursement and expenditure.
  15. Prepare Annual Implementation Status of the Project.