Bangladesh Bank

Financial Inclusion Department

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Nurun NaharDeputy Governor
Md. Abul BasharExecutive Director (Grade-1)
Md. Amir UddinDirector (FID)

Bangladesh Bank has been pursuing financial inclusion as a policy priority for accelerated economic growth while maintaining monetary and financial stability. To broaden the financial inclusion initiatives and to support government's inclusive growth perspective, Bangladesh Bank has established a separate department in July 2015 named Financial Inclusion Department. This department is responsible for pursuing the financial inclusion initiatives to contribute to the national goals of inclusive growth and to strengthen and reinforce the development of the financial service network to reach the underserved and unbanked population of the country.
Financial Inclusion Department has two wings:

1. Financial Inclusion Wing;
2. Supervision and Innovation Wing.

The department has been mandated to work in the following key areas including other operational aspects:

  • 1. Pursue the financial inclusion initiatives of Bangladesh Bank and coordinate interdepartmental financial inclusion activities;
  • 2. Review the international best practices on financial inclusion policies and coordinate with international standard setting bodies for improved application of the policies;
  • 3. Explore new areas of inclusive finance and formulate appropriate policy;
  • 4. Formulate and implement policy on No-frill accounts (BDT 10/=, 50/=, 100/=) worth in favor of marginalized people including low income people;
  • 5. Formulate policy, implement, monitor and supervise the "Refinance Scheme for Marginal/Landless Farmers, Low-income Professionals, Students and Micro businessmen holding Tk. 10/50/100 Accounts";
  • 6. Formulate policy, implement, monitor and supervise the School Banking activities;
  • 7. Formulate policy, implement, monitor and supervise the Agent Banking activities in Bangladesh;
  • 8. Formulate policy, implement, monitor and supervise the Financial Literacy and Education initiatives in Bangladesh;
  • 9. Formulate policy and implement BDT 30.00 billion worth Bangladesh Bank Revolving Refinance Scheme for the COVID-19 affected low income professionals, agro business holders and micro merchants;
  • 10. Communicate and Coordinate with national and international organizations related to financial inclusion including the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) to integrate well-suited financial inclusion policies;
  • 11. All activities related to the project 'Secured Transaction and Movable Collateral Registry Reform in Bangladesh';
  • 12. Maintain web based Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) database; Remittance Award to NRBs and Diaspora investment related activities;
  • 13. Conduct survey on regular basis to identify the gaps, problems and prospects so as to prescribe appropriate policy measures for expansion of financial inclusion;
  • 14. Perform research to analyze the impact of Financial Inclusion on financial satiability and inclusive growth;
  • 15. Financial Service Providers (FSP) Interactive Mapping related activities;