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Grihayan Tahbil & Fund Management Unit

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Md. Osman GhaniDirector (GTFM)
To take initiatives of providing housing loan to poor, homeless people of the country, specially in the rural areas through NGOs to make people living with due social security and dignity and make them able to engage themselves and encourage NGOs to finance the aforesaid people so that they can involve themselves in income generating activities through which they can come out of poverty.
Grihayan Tahobil was established in the Fiscal year 1997-98 with a view to eliminating housing problem as well as eradication poverty of homeless poor and low income people of the country. Basically formation of Grihayan Tahobil and it's modus operandi is the reflection of own thought of the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, which indicates her Government's awareness towards the homeless people of the country. Apart from housing loan for the rural homeless peoples, Grihayan Tahobil is intended to construct Dormitories/Women Hostels for the Industrial workers specially for the female workers of Garment Industries as well. Housing activities of Grihayan Tahobil is being implemented through Non Government Organizations (NGOs) of the country. The Tahobil provides housing loan Tk. 1,30,000/- for each specific house as designed and specified in schedule through the NGOs. Grihayan Tahobil charges simple rate of interest 1.5% and NGOs are applying 5.5% on the borrowers, the recovery period of said loan is 3 to 10 years.
Main Functions:
  1. Select NGOs as per rules and guidelines to provide housing loan. NGOs provide housing credit to the rural poor people.
  2. Provide loan to build dormitory/women hostel for the poor female workers.
  3. Provide loan to BGMEA and it's member companies to build hostels/dormitories for the poor garment workers.
  4. Take steps to provide housing facilities to the extreme deprived class of people of the society such as tea garden workers.
  5. Performance analysis and monitoring of the enlisted NGOs.
  6. Comprehensive/regular/surprise inspection of houses built by the NGOs.
  7. Investment of unutilized fund in different banks.
  8. Prepare working papers and minutes for the meeting of the Grihayan Tahobil Steering Committee.
  9. Prepare compliance reports on external & commercial audit reports.
  10. Maintain accounts relating to disbursement of loan, recovery and investment of fund.
  11. Prepare annual Financial Report.
  12. Management of Court cases regarding defaulter NGOs.