Bangladesh Bank

Common Services Department-2

Name & Designation Email Telephone Fax
Kazi Sayedur RahmanDeputy Governor
880-2-9530412, 880-2-9530422--
Md. Shafiqul IslamExecutive Director
Md. Tafazzal HossainDirector (Engineering-Civil)
Sudhangshu Kumar SarkerDirector (Engineering-Electrical/Mechanical)

Common Services Department-2 (CSD-2) is the major engineering service department and one of the largest procurement departments of Bangladesh Bank. The role of Common Services Department-2 (CSD-2) incorporates the entire spectrum of infrastructure development of Bangladesh Bank. This infrastructure development comprises of both the construction of new structures and the maintenance of existing. The department’s activities extend the length and breadth of the underlying framework of the Central Bank of Bangladesh including Bank premises, Office buildings and Staff quarters. A dedicated group of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineers work in unison to plan, design, implement and maintain the physical infrastructures and other necessary facilities of Bangladesh Bank. In fine, CSD-2 works on the phases where the infrastructural visions and plans of Bangladesh Bank become reality.

    Working Arena of Common Services Department -2
  • 1. Preparing master plans for office and residential areas.
  • 2. Construction, renovation and maintenance of office buildings, residential buildings and establishments.
  • 3. Retrofit old and ancient building to extend its longevity and usefulness.
  • 4. Installation and maintenance of building related facilities like Lift, Air conditioning system.
  • 5. Provide continuous supply of Electricity and water.
  • 6. Installation, renovation, operation and maintenance of Generator, Electrical sub-station, power distribution system.
  • 7. Installation, renovation, operation and maintenance of security related features, like luggage scanning machine, archway metal detector, CCTV camera and monitoring network, digitalized access control system, under vehicle monitoring and controlling system etc.
  • 8. Installation, renovation, operation and maintenance of monetary transaction related equipments used for note counting, processing and shredding. Installation and maintenance of high security doors of vaults.
  • 9. Installation and maintenance of water purification system for supplying safe drinking water.
  • 10. Installation and maintenance of PABX System, power saving with lighting control by motion sensors, audio-visual system for conference rooms, solar system etc.
  • 11. Disaster management including installation and maintenance of fire detection and fighting system.
  • 12. Design and maintain parking facilities inside bank owned premises.
  • 13. Implementation and maintenance of SAP ERP, MM module which is an automated procurement approval and billing system using central database system.