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Sylhet Office

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Saiful IslamExecutive Director
Khaled AhmedDirector(Sylhet Office)
Md. Aminul IslamDirector (Sylhet Office)
Md. Anisur RahmanDirector(Sylhet Office)

Bangladesh Bank, Sylhet started functioning as an Exchange Control Unit since October, 1964. It started functioning as a full-fledged branch office from 2nd September, 1983. It performs Central Banking functions and oversees the compliance of policies and procedures framed by Head Office and relevant Banking Laws and Regulations. The operational jurisdiction of the office is limited to Sylhet Division consisting of 4 (four) districts viz. Sylhet, Moulvibazar, Habigonj and Sunamgonj.

Bangladesh Bank, Sylhet Office acts as Banker to the banks in this region. It maintains Current Accounts of main branches of all local scheduled banks and provides remittance facilities to banks, public bodies and staffs in the form of Bank Draft, Govt. Draft, MT, T/T etc. It also maintains accounts of various departments of the Govt. It collects government revenue through government advance and payment and provides salary, allowance of government employees and different types of government bills. The Office takes part in running the Automated Clearing House for the settlement of mutual obligations of the branches of banks located in Sylhet Division. These banks may avail T/T discounting facilities in order to meet unforeseen shortages of cash.

This office supervises and monitors the activities of 812 branches of 53 main stream banks and 17 branches of 12 Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) of its jurisdiction by means of both on-site & off-site supervision. It also supervises the activities of 233 branches of four Non-scheduled specialized banks of Sylhet Division (Grameen Bank, Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank , Karmasangthan Bank and Polly Sonchoy Bank). Bangladesh Bank, Sylhet office maintains regular surveillance over the foreign exchange transactions of 46 Authorized Dealers, 13 Money Changers & 4 Limited Money Changers.

This office monitors and supervises the yearly agricultural credit disbursement of the banks under the "Agriculture and rural credit policy and program" formulated by Bangladesh Bank and advises commercial banks to take initiatives for open disbursement of agricultural credit, specially to women and farmers. Being an observer, the office helps District Agricultural Credit Committee (DACC) to play an active role in promoting agricultural credit with updated information thereof.

This office supervises the SME financing activities of the commercial banks for the development of CMSME of this region, where special emphasis is given for the advancement of the women entrepreneurs. In the lead-bank system, the office arranges meetings, seminars, workshops, product fairs, open credit disbursement to the CMSME entrepreneurs etc and thus, tries to bring all stakeholders in one platform for promoting and encouraging CMSME businesses. Contact list of banks/NBFIs' Women Entrepreneurs Dedicated Help Desk of Sylhet Division is available at Besides, the office also supervises the activities of agent banking outlets and mobile financial service centers. With a view to broadening and deepening financial inclusion in this region, the unbanked people of this area are encouraged to open their accounts in the agent banking outlets of different commercial banks and mobile Financial Services Providers(FSPs). This office plays the role of a catalyst and provides necessary co-operation to the banks & FSPs to move forward these activities.

The office, along with the Divisional Taskforce and Law Enforcing Agencies, actively participates in the strict management of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing and ensures compliance of existing laws, regulations and guidelines by adopting appropriate measures as suggested in the regular Taskforce meetings.

On behalf of the govt., this office sells and encashes a variety of savings instruments & bonds. The office remits money to and from branches of scheduled banks, chests and sub-chests of Sylhet Division. Cash Department of Sylhet office transacts, sorts, examines and exchanges cash & refund facilities of defective notes to the banks and the public.

As a branch office of the central bank, it acts as a forum for banks, financial institutions and local business communities and holds meetings, training programs, seminars and workshops for proper implementation of national monetary policy and side by side, ensures its effective role in the banking sector with a view to sustaining the cascade of economic activities towards the targeted growth of Sylhet Division and as well as for the country.