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Rajshahi Office

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Rup Ratan PineExecutive Director
Md. Niamul KabirDirector (Rajshahi Office)
Shamsul ArefeenDirector (Rajshahi Office)
Md. Matiar Rahman MollaDirector (Rajshahi Office)
The Rajshahi Office of the Bangladesh Bank performs a number of traditional central banking functions. However, the operational jurisdiction of the Office is limited to several administrative districts only. Also, the Office oversees the compliances of policies and procedures framed by the Head Office and relevant banking laws and regulations of the country.

First, the Rajshahi Office of Bangladesh Bank acts as banker to the banks and banker to the Government, the Deposit Accounts Department maintains current accounts in the names of main branches of all scheduled banks while the Public Accounts Department performs all the transactions of Government Accounts. To expedite smooth payments among scheduled banks, the Office accommodates and runs a Clearing House, and it also serves them as a lender of the last resort. The banks may utilize the T.T. Discounting facilities in order to meet unforeseen shortages of cash while making payments. At present 45(Fourty-five) banks are maintaining accounts with the Office

The Office maintains regular surveillance over the foreign exchange transactions of 34 (thirty-four) Authorized Dealers in foreign exchange, 6 (six) Authorized Money Changers and 3 (three) Authorized Limited Money Changers. Above all, the Office supervises and monitors the activities of the banks and financial institutions (by means of both on-site inspection of their branches and off-site scrutiny of periodical returns submitted by these entities), and engages a good number of its departments in carrying out this supervisory role.

As an arm of the Public Debt Office, Rajshahi Office sells and encashes a variety of instruments of Public Debt, and effects remittances of money to and from branches of other banks, chest and sub-chests.

The Office also performs some development functions. It acts as a forum for banks, financial institutions and the local business community, and holds meetings, training programs, seminars and workshops on important issues and measures of national development.