Bangladesh Bank

Foreign Exchange Investment Department

Name & Designation Email Telephone Fax
Kazi Sayedur RahmanDeputy Governor880-2-9530401--
Dr. Abul Kalam Azad, Ph.D.Executive Director880-2-9530537880-2-9530442
Jagannath Chandra GhoshGeneral Manager880-2-9530144--
  1. Checking of reporting related to shares issued by Bangladeshi companies in favor of non-resident.
  2. Checking of reporting of shares transferred to resident by the non-resident and accord permission for outward remittance of the sales proceeds of the shares after determining fair value of shares held by the non-residents of a company incorporated in Bangladesh not listed with stock exchange.
  3. Permission and monitoring of branch offices abroad by Bangladeshi companies/firms.
  4. Permission for outward remittances to meet necessary capital/revenue expenditure to establish exchange houses, branches, representative's office, finance companies and other equity participation abroad by Bangladeshi Banks.
  5. Permission for capital investment/equity participation abroad by a Bangladeshi firm.
  6. Monitoring the activities of subsidiaries of Bangladeshi companies abroad.
  7. Permission for appointment of overseas agent by Bangladeshi companies.
  8. Monitoring portfolio investment of non-resident investors in Bangladesh through non-resident investor's taka account (NITA).
  9. To monitor the activities of branch, liaison and representatives offices of foreign entities including airlines with the permission of competent authority.
  10. Post-facto checking of profit remittance of branch offices of foreign banks.
  11. Permission related to outward remittance of local & international chain hotel.
  12. Approval of external term borrowing by industrial enterprises in Export Processing Zones (EPZs), Economic Zones (EZs) and Hi-Tech Parks (HTPs).
  13. Permission for funded and non-funded credit facilities from Offshore Banking Operations to both resident and non-resident entities.
  14. Approval of extension of payment period of Letter of Credit opened for importing capital machineries.
  15. Examination of draft bilateral investment promotion agreements with different countries and international agencies relating to investment and providing opinion to different government authorities on the same.
  16. Providing opinion to various government authorities on foreign direct investment (FDI) and Foreign loan related issues.
  17. Preparing summary statement for the Honorable Governor on the proposals of private sector foreign borrowing sent by the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority to the Governor as the Chairman of the Private Foreign Loan Scrutiny Committee.
  18. Permission for any other capital account transactions.