Bangladesh Bank

Motijheel Office,

Name & Designation Email Telephone Fax
Md. Jaker HossainExecutive Director
Md. Amzad Hossain KhanCurrency Officer (Executive Director)
Syed AhmedDirector (Motijheel Office)
Shamima NargisDirector (Motijheel Office)
Md. Emdadul HaqueDirector (Motijheel Office)
Motijheel Office, Dhaka is an operational office of Bangladesh Bank and is headed by an Executive Director. It is the main and biggest branch office of Bangladesh Bank. Its total workforce is about 1150. Its two main departments are Banking Department and Issue Department.

Banking Department

a) Maintains accounts of Govt., Banks, NBFIs, International Bodies like IBRD, ADB. Allows T.T. discounting facilities to scheduled banks, issues and encashes B.D., T.T., D.D. and issues advice to open govt. L/Cs.

b) Collects Govt. deposit using scheduled bank's cheques by challan through BACH.

c) Deals with 'Wage Earners Development Bond', 'US Dollar Premium Bond', 'US Dollar Investment Bond' and Prize Bonds, Sanchaya Patras etc.

d) Deals with govt. securities i.e Treasury bills, bonds and attends floatation of such securities to public for & on behalf of the govt. through banks & financial institutions, arranges for REPO and Reverse REPO of govt. securities, provides Liquidity Support to the banks, manages Islami Bond and invests its fund to Islami banks & financial institutions.

Issue Department

a) Issues notes, arranges for receipt, custody, examination of fresh and reissuable notes, exchanges soiled & mutilated notes.

b) Sends and receives remittance to and from various chests and sub-chests and ensures steady supply of notes and coins throughout the country.

c) Performs treasury functions i.e. receive money and makes payment for and on behalf of the govt. through its cash dept.

d) Receives deposit from scheduled banks and makes payment of their cheques; Keeps deposit of confiscated gold, silver, foreign currency etc.

e) Maintains accounts of the balances of notes & coins in the chests/sub-chests and Assets of Issue Department including Notes in Circulation, carries out inspection of different chest branches of Sonali Bank, maintains the statement of currency regularly.

Besides, a number of sections of the office are engaged in internal administration, advance & payment, welfare, construction and maintenance activities.