Statistics Department

Name & Designation Telephone Email Fax
Ahmed JamalDeputy Governor880-2-9530412880-2-7110071
A.K.M.Fazlul Haque MiaExecutive Director (Statistics)880-2-9530477880-2-9530164
Mansura ParvinGeneral Manager880-2-9530133880-02-9530196
Tarun Kanti GhoshGeneral Manager (Statistics)880-2- 9530244--
Mrinal Kanti SarkerGeneral Manager (Statistics)880-2- 9530134-
Md. Towhiduzzaman ChowdhuryGeneral Manager (Statistics)880-2- 9530316-
Md. Kohinur HossainGeneral Manager (Statistics)880-2- 9530248-
Dr. Muhammad Amir HossainGeneral Manager (Statistics)880-2- 9530245-
Md. Meraj Uddin SarkerGeneral Manager (Statistics)880-2- 9530527-
Md. Jafrul HaqueGeneral Manager (Statistics)880-2- 9530346-
Dr. Shamim AraGeneral Manager (Statistics)880-2- 9530275-
Ashish Kumar RoyGeneral Manager (Statistics)880-2- 9530526-

Statistics Department collects, compiles and disseminates the data of money and banking, balance of payments (BOP), foreign exchange reserves, exchange rates, foreign trade, monetary survey, industrial and agricultural production, share price indices, domestic savings, foreign direct investment (FDI), external debt, portfolio investment, foreign assets and liabilities statistics, etc. The department brings out various publications for Bangladesh Bank, government, non-government, international organizations, different donor agencies and acts as the source of all economic and financial data of Bangladesh which are used in IMF publications, such as, International Financial Statistics, Direction of Trade Statistics and Balance of Payments Yearbook etc.

The Statistics Department constitutes with :

  1. Monetary and Financial Statistics Division
  2. Balance of Payments Statistics Division
  3. Banking Statistics Division
  4. Foreign Investment and External Debt Statistics Division
  5. Special Studies and Project Division
  6. Other Financial Corporations (OFCs) Survey Project
  7. SAARCFINANCE Data base Unit
  8. Special Data Dissemination System (SDDS)
  9. Departmental Administrative Wing


  • To collect, compile and disseminate the monetary and financial statistics on Monetary Authorities, Deposit Money Banks & Non Bank Depository Corporations.
  • To collect and compile sector-wise balance sheet information through SBS-1 from all scheduled banks, NBFI & BSBL on monthly basis.
  • To compile Reserve Money & Broad Money, prepare the IMF's report forms and disseminate to the IMF, World Bank and Bangladesh Bank Website.
  • To prepare indices of industrial and agricultural production, stock exchange share prices, commodity prices at international market, consumer price indices, inflation rate, gross domestic products, interest rate structure,prices and production of various industrial and agricultural commodities, etc. and publish in the "Monthly Economic Trends".


  • To collect monthly foreign exchange transaction data from AD branches of scheduled banks, National Board of Revenue, Export Promotion Bureau, Economic Relations Division & Export Processing Zones.
  • To compile monthly Bangladesh Balance of Payments statistics in standard and analytic formats as per IMF BPM-6, international investment position(IIP) statistics, commodity wise exports receipts & imports payments statistics and purpose wise invisible receipts & payments statistics.
  • To collect and compile daily remittance.
  • To prepare and provide monthly data on import, export and BOP to IMF on regular basis.
  • To prepare quarterly review of import payments, export receipts & BOP statistics and publish in the BB website.
  • To prepare booklet of import payments, export receipts and balance of payments (BOP) statistics on annual basis and publish in the BB website.


  • To collect and compile detailed data on deposits & withdrawals and all kinds of advances & bills data in details through SBS-2 and SBS-3 returns respectively from all branches of scheduled banks on quarterly basis.
  • To collect account-wise data on advances and deposits distributed by rates of interest from all scheduled banks and Non-Bank financial institutions (NBFIs) for calculation of Monthly Interest Rate Spread (IRS) & publish in the BB website.
  • To collect and compile data on Disbursement, Overdue, Recovery & Outstanding (DORO) of advances classified by economic purposes & sectorwise in prescribed formats (SBS-3.1 & 3.2) from all scheduled banks on quarterly basis.
  • To collect Financial Access Survey (FAS) data from banks/financial institutions/ insurances companies/post office saving banks/co-operatives banks /societies/micro credit institutions and national saving directorate on annual basis for providing IMF.
  • To prepare quarterly Scheduled Banks Statistics and publish in the BB website.


  • To collect and compile inward & outward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) statistics, portfolio investment (PI) statistics and external debt statistics covering both EPZ & Non-EPZ areas on quarterly basis.
  • To collect and compile Medium & Long-term (MLT) External Debt statistics on quarterly basis and PI & Short-term External Debt statistics on monthly basis.
  • To collect and preserve the lists of FDI enterprises, portfolio investors and the enterprises having external debt from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA), schedule banks, etc.
  • To prepare gross and net inflows and outstanding stock of FDI, PI and External Debt by sectors, countries and other dimensions.
  • To publish a booklet titled "Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Bangladesh" on half yearly basis.


  • To collect e-banking & e-commerce data which includes branch information, account information, remittance, cheque clearing, electronic fund transfer, card related data, mobile financial service, internet banking and agent banking data on monthly basis
  • To publish the data in ~Monthly Economic Trends~ and provide the data in various departments of Bangladesh Bank for policy and decision making purpose.
  • To conduct statistical survey in financial and non financial sector in Bangladesh.


  • To include other financial corporations (Insurance companies, mutual funds, merchant bank, finance/ leasing companies, Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation, microcredit institutions, SME Foundation, other pension funds, etc.) in the institutional coverage of monetary and financial statistics.
  • To introduce a standardized reporting form (4SRF) for the OFCs.


  • To collect, compile and provide data on macroeconomic and demographic variables on monthly/ quarterly/yearly basis to SAARCFINANCE Database.
  • To collect data from different departments of Bangladesh Bank, Ministry of Finance, National Board of Revenue and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and compile the data for SAARCFINANCE Database.
  • To prepare some macroeconomic indicators.
  • To upload data in the website of SAARCFINANCE database.


  • To disseminate economic and financial data on timely basis as per recommendations of IMF with specific coverage, periodicity and timeliness.
  • To collect data from different departments of Bangladesh Bank, Ministry of Finance, National Board of Revenue and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and compile the data.
  • To upload data in National Summary Data Pages (NSDP) as per recommendations of IMF.


  • To prepare policy to achieve the departmental goals (Yearly/Half-yearly) as per strategic plan.
  • To take initiative for departmental post creation/up-gradation and transfer/ posting/ joining/ release of the officials.
  • To maintain all kinds of correspondence with other departments of Bangladesh Bank and different ministries.
  • To arrange training/ seminar/ workshop for capacity building of department and officials of DMBs, NBDCs.
  • Collection and distribution of stationeries, dead stock, computers and accessories, maintaining petty cash, lunch allowance and maintaining all kinds of official files & records, preparing & sending statements.