Bangladesh Bank

Expenditure Management Department-1

Name & Designation Email Telephone Fax
Nurun NaharDeputy Governor
Manoj Kumar HowladerExecutive Director
Md. Liakat Ali MollaDirector (EMD-1)
880-2-9530088 --

Brief description of the functions of various Sections of Expenditure Management Department-1 are outlined below:
(1)General Section

  1. General Administration of the Department ;
  2. Compliance of Internal, External and Commercial Audit memos ;
  3. Posting Voucher of different sections.
  4. Provide statement of Employee's assets & liabilities as per requirement of HRD.
  5. Maintaining assets register (computer accessories).
  6. Maintaining ICT security related document
  7. Arranging Departmental monthly meeting
  8. Providing support for strategic planning of the department.
  9. Distributing Inwards letters among the section's of the department. 

(2)Provident Funds Section

  1. Maintenance of Contributory Provident Funds Accounts;
  2. Payment of Gratuity and Death Benefits;
  3. Sanction of PF Advance;
  4. Arrangement for holding Administrators meeting;
  5. Management of Fund.

(3) Pension Section

  1. Maintenance of General Provident Fund Accounts;
  2. Payment of Commutation Money, Death Benefits etc;
  3. Fixation of monthly pension and supply of pension books to the pensioners; 
  4. Sanction of GPF Advance;
  5. Management of Fund.

(4)  Travelling Allowance Bills Section. 

  1. Make advances to employees for travelling purposes both home and abroad;
  2. Adjustment of T.A. advance and settlement of T.A. Bills;
  3. Management of personal accident insurance policy;

(5) Salary Section

  1. Payment of salary and allowances ;
  2. Disbursement of Bonus;
  3. Payment of overtime bills, stipend and recreation allowances, leave encashment etc.
  4. Payment of compassionate allowance to the members of the deceased employees of Head Office;
  5. Preparation of Income Tax Assessment Sheet on behalf of the employees & payment thereof;
  6. Execution of Pay and allowances fixed by HRD-2.

(6) Advance Section

  1. Sanction of advances under Staff Advance Scheme; i.e. House Building, Motor Car, Motor Cycle, Computer;
  2. Recovery of staff advances;
  3. Calculation of interest of staff advances;
  4. Conduct physical inspection of land/constructed houses/Flats /Buildings etc. purchased under House Building Advance scheme;
  5. Maintenance of documents of Advance, under safe custody and monitoring the utilization of all Advances ;
  6. Monitor court cases related to different types of advances;
  7. Preparation of statement of Deceased, Dismissed and Suspended staff/officers;
  8. Execution of Waiver of Interest of House Building Advance as directed by Human Resources Department-2 .

(7) Safeguard Section

  1. Perform safeguard checking for payments made to external vendors.
  2. Sample checking of pay and allowances given to Bangladesh Bank employees on
    monthly basis.