Bangladesh Bank

Department of Communications and Publications

Name & Designation Email Telephone Fax
Nurun NaharDeputy Governor
Manoj Kumar HowladerExecutive Director
Saeda KhanamDirector (Ex-Cadre Publications)

Responsibilities of the Department of Communications and Publications (DCP)

The Department of Communications and Publications (DCP) is one of the core departments of Bangladesh Bank (BB). The Bangladesh Bank started with 11 departments after the liberation, of which Department of Communications and Publications (formerly Public Relations Department) is one of them. Earlier, it mainly dealt in printing and publications works of BB. Over the years, it has widened its scope to the vast field of communications. There is a complete communication centre under its supervision in BB. Among its eight divisions publications division publishes 'Bangladesh Bank Parikroma', a monthly in house journal regularly. Thus, it accomplishes all sorts of publications, printings and distributions assignments on regular and occasional basis.

Public relation division is responsible for issuing press releases, clarifications and rejoinders on behalf of BB. It also provides and preserves photographs and accomplishes archive related jobs as well. Another significant responsibility of this division is to maintain paper clippings from numerous national dailies on daily basis. To cope with the recent trend for the dissemination of BB's information, its social media is being operated under the direction of this department. Moreover, it has enhanced its excellence on advertisement, press briefing and it keeps close liaison with both print and electronic media etc. In recent years it has started dealing with event management and proved its efficiency on this field with success. The DCP also prepares advertisement and publications bills and sends those to Expenditure Management Department and Common Services Department for payment.

Mural installation and restoration division deals with very sophisticated and creative art works. As a part of beautification and ornamentation, it provides murals, sculptures, diorama and paintings to head office and all branch offices of BB across the country. Distribution division executes very efficient and quick job regarding distribution of publications, calendars, and note books for meeting up in house official necessities. This distribution to other related stakeholders also meets up central bank's branding strategy partially.

Graphic division delivers its best and spectacular efforts in making up all publication items like books, monthly in house journals, special publications, greeting cards, banners, festoons etc. Like other departments, DCP performs its administrative jobs by its general section. This general section and the GM section are carefully and efficiently directed by the general manager of the department.