Bangladesh Bank

Department of Off-Site Supervision

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Kazi Sayedur RahmanDeputy Governor
880-2-9530412, 880-2-9530422--
Md. Nurul AminExecutive Director
Md. Zabdul IslamDirector (DOS)

To monitor risk level, enhance financial soundness and ensure good corporate governance of scheduled banks through prudential off-site supervisory techniques with the aim of promoting depositors' confidence and ensuring discipline and stability of the banking system.

    Main Functions:
  • 1. Assessing risk levels and financial soundness of the scheduled banks through the CAMELS rating system. Monitoring the profitability and interest rate spread of the banking sector.
  • 2. Monitoring capital adequacy of the banks.
  • 3. Monitoring the maintenance of statutory reserve requirements and key asset-liability management ratios of the banks.
  • 4. Analyzing the financial health of the banks through the preparation of diagnostic review report and quarterly review report. Reviewing the minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees to ensure compliance of existing acts, policies, circulars, guidelines. Analyzing quarterly unaudited financial statements and yearly audited financial statements to measure the overall financial health and identify weak areas to ensure the financial stability of the banks.
  • 5. Assessing and monitoring the overall level of credit, deposit, investment, advance/investment-to-deposit ratio, inter-branch transactions, suspense account, and money supply position of the banking sector.
  • 6. Monitoring the risk management activities of banks and determining the Comprehensive Risk Management Rating of banks in Bangladesh.
  • 7. Monitoring the capital market exposure to assess risks and ensure the financial stability of the banks.
  • 8. Monitoring the large-loan portfolio of the scheduled banks following the respective laws, rules, regulations, and circulars.
  • 9. Monitoring the public sector deposit and credit as well as sector-wise loans and advances of the banks.