Department of Off-Site Supervision

Name & Designation Telephone Email Fax
A.K.M Sajedur Rahman KhanDeputy Governor880-2-9530417880-2-9530479
Md. Masud BiswasExecutive Director880-2-9566211--
Md. Nurul AminGeneral Manager (G)880-2-9530093880-2-9530191
To enhance the safety, soundness and stability of the banking system by overseeing individual banks on the basis of various returns/financial statements and ensure banking discipline as well as depositor's interest and confidence in the banking system.
1.Performance analysis and monitoring of the scheduled banks on the basis of CAMELS. Banks having weaknesses in any areas of operation are brought under Early Warning category or Problem Bank category and monitored very closely to improve their performance.
2.Monitoring maintenance of Statutory Liquidity Requirements (CRR, SLR) of scheduled banks. Imposing and realising penal interest and penalty for the shortfall of CRR and SLR.
3.Assessment and monitoring of Capital Adequacy of banks. Review and monitoring of loans/deposits of Government and state owned Enterprises with scheduled banks.
4.Monitoring the overall credit, deposit, investment and liquidity position of the banking system.
5.Monitoring the activities of the state owned commercial Banks (Sonali Bank Ltd.; Janata Bank Ltd. Agrani Bank Ltd. and Rupali Bank Ltd.) and two specialized banks (Bangladesh Krishi Bank and Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank) in accordance with the conditions of MOU signed by the respective banks.
6.Review of the minutes of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Board Audit Committee meetings and the audited Financial Statements of scheduled banks and advising the banks to take necessary remedial measures theiragainst.
7. Provide deposit insurance coverage and safety nets to protect depositor's interest and thus enhance market discipline and systemic stability.
8. Review of the Large Loan portfolio of the scheduled banks.
9. Maintaining asset/liability of the liquidated banks and dealing with the court cases relating to the properties of liquidated banks, as official liquidator.
10. Attending various complaints against the banks (including those relating to Bank Guarantees.)