Bangladesh Bank

Human Resources Department 1

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Nurun NaharDeputy Governor
Mohammad Mamunul HoqueExecutive Director
Husne Ara ShikhaDirector (HRD-1)
Human Resources Department-1 (HRD-1) manages centrally the manpower of the bank at work places through resourcing, placement, performance etc. It emphasizes Human Resources (HR) activities related to strategic and value addition involving the designing, updating and amending HR policies and procedures for continuous improvement.
To execute the above mentioned issues - HRD-1's functions are accomplished under the following wings:
  1. Planning, Promotion & Transfer Wing.
  2. Recruitment & Outsourcing Wing.
  3. Recognition and Reward Wing.
  4. Performance Management Wing.
  5. Organization & Development Wing.
  6. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Unit.
  7. Branch Office Service Unit (BOSU).
  8. Regulation Desk.
1. Planning, Promotion and Transfer Wing:
  • Manpower inventory.
  • Annual manpower planning.
  • Resourcing strategy.
  • Job descriptions, Job analysis and job evaluation.
  • Organizational Matters such as creation, merging, re-structuring of office/department/division/wing/section/cell/unit/project or any other organizational unit.
  • Policy and procedure of career management.
  • Career path/Broad banding.
  • Plan for annual promotion/up gradation.
  • Preparing seniority list, panel for promotion and transfer.
  • Promotion and placement.
  • Preparing policy and procedure for transfer/posting.
  • All kinds of transfer/posting according to rules as and when required.
  • 2. Recruitment and Outsourcing Wing:
    This wing is responsible for attracting, selecting & recruiting the right people for the right job from the job market for Bangladesh Bank through a rigorous process in order to ensure quality manpower. Besides, this wing outsources supporting staff and also responsible for contractual recruitments at different levels. Bangladesh Bank is proud of its highly professional, transparent objective approach in its recruitment and selection process. A series of selection procedures are applied before hiring employees. Normally the candidates go through the process of MCQ test, written test and viva voce interview. The viva voce interview is conducted by approved team/teams comprising of internal as well as external professionals of the relevant area. This wing also entrusted with the task of confirmation of employees after successful completion of their 1 (one) year service depending on the post and job criteria.
    3. Recognition and Reward Wing:
    In order to foster a culture of acknowledgement and appreciation amongst Bangladesh Bank employees for introducing innovative business practices, showing extra ordinary efforts for achievement of goals and enhancing Bank's corporate image, this wing takes initiative to reward the Bangladesh Bank employees as per Recognition & Reward Policy. This wing also delivers "Bangladesh Bank Award" once a year to the renowned economist of Bangladesh who contributes in the national economy.
    Focal Point Desk (Central Information Unit) under this wing is responsible for providing information regarding Bangladesh Bank to the Bangladeshi Citizens who seek information as per the 'Right to Information Act, 2009'. Focal Point Desk is also responsible for collecting, consolidating and compiling of public grievances and complains from all departments/Offices of Bangladesh Bank and sending consolidated statement to the Ministry of Finance.
    This wing is also responsible for arranging "General Managers Conference" & also has a great involvement in modification and modernization of Performance Management System.
    4. Performance Management Wing:
  • Providing unique APE to different offices and departments.
  • Collection and maintenance of APF, making computer entry and preservation of the data in a confidential way are set as its foremost actions of PM Wing.
  • PM Wing is also responsible for providing the confidential data to Promotion Advisory Committee.
  • Providing confidential data to the respective authority in case of confirmation/selection grade.
  • PM Wing also perform the duty for providing data for pension benefit.
  • 5. Organization & Development Wing:
  • To analyze and give opinion on organizational matters and organizational structure related issues of different departments, wings, units and sections of the bank.
  • Give opinion and advise regarding current manpower strength, manpower's demand, future demand, specialized manpower demand etc.
  • Give opinion and advise regarding creation of new post/post up-gradation/ transfer of post/change of existing cadre/post abolition etc.
  • Preparation of different development planning and policy.
  • Any other tasks related to organizational development.
  • 6. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Implementation Unit:
  • Implementation of ERP/SAP to modernize/automate BB-HR related business processes.
  • Updating employees' data.
  • Entrusted to monitor, trained and help employees to implement different HR related software; like-
    • Leave Management System .
    • Document Management System etc.
    • Building Maintenance System (automated Job Slip System).
  • 7. Branch office service unit (BOSU):
    Monitoring BB Branch office related services and taking steps to resolve the pending issues thereof.
    8. Regulation Desk :
    1. Updating HR Policy, Rules, Regulations
      • Formulation/compilation/development/updating of various policies, regulations and guidelines.
      • Preparation/modification of BB Staff Regulations.
      • Formulation of policies regarding employees benefit.
    2. Implementation of Board, EC, GIC, management decisions
      • Preparation of HR related Board Memo.
      • Preparation of Administration Circular/Circular Letters/Office Orders etc.
      • Circulation of the same to concerned offices and departments.
    3. Placement of demand letters of CBA/Council/Associations
      • Receiving various types of demand letters.
      • Analyzing the same.
      • Preparation/placement the issues.
      • Implementing decision thereof.
    4. Freedom fighter issues
      • Receiving application/information from BB Freedom Fighter employees as well as Govt. authority.
      • Analyzing/compilation the information.
      • Placement for management decision.
      • Implement the decision/sending the same to the Ministry of Finance.
      • Implementing Ministry's decision/Issuance of Staff Order.
    Any other task/duties as directed by the authority.