Bangladesh Bank

Governor Office

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Functions/Rules of Business in brief:

  • 1. To provide co-ordination services to the Bangladesh Jatiya Sangsad Secretariat (BJSS), The Prime Minister's Office, Office of the Comptroller of Auditor General (CAG), Ministry of Finance (MoF), Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Commerce regarding the answers of questions by honorable Members of Parliaments. To collect and edit the answers of parliament's questions from various departments, prepare a consolidated report and send the same to BJSS and MoF.
  • 2. To communicate with BJSS and MoF for the meetings of Parliamentary Standing Committees, Office of the CAG of Bangladesh for the audit compliance and prepare reports/working papers/ information as per their demand and send them the same.
  • 3. To prepare DO letters, speeches, messages, greetings and condolence letters for the Governor.
  • 4. To prepare reports, answers of the queries and explanations on banking and economic issues as and when asked by the Prime Minister's office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Information etc.
  • 5. To check, edit and prepare minutes or working papers of various meetings presided by the Governor.
  • 6. To arrange the quarterly meeting with Internal Audit Department presided by the Honorable Governor regarding the high risk audit objections of the audit reports on various departments and offices of BB and follow-up and monitor as per the minutes of the meeting.
  • 7. To place the notes and cases submitted by various departments to the Governor for approval with brief and to take necessary actions after the approval.
  • 8. To collect information and prepare necessary working papers for internal and external meetings, seminars and programs chaired by the Governor.
  • 9. To manage daily appointments of the Governor and receive incoming calls including overseas calls and forward to the Governor. To make outgoing calls for the Governor to home and abroad and to communicate with concerned departments, offices, banks, institutions, and persons as desired by the authority.
  • 10. To correspond with various local and international organizations/institutions in home and abroad through phone, fax, postal, e-mail etc. as instructed by the Governor.
  • 11. To do necessary activities regarding Governor's visit such as preliminary preparation of the visit, communication with the office or institution to be visited, collection of information.
  • 12. To execute all protocol related jobs for the Governor, members of the Board of Directors BB and other Committees, members of Board of SPCBL, protocol entitled other high officials of BB and delegates from home and abroad to meet the Governor and high officials of BB.
  • 13. To complete the papers like passport, GO, note verbal, visa, air ticket etc. for the foreign tour of the Governor and other high officials of BB.
  • 14. To keep close communication/liaison with the different ministries, PM office and other organization on behalf of Governor and Deputy Governors/Head of BFIU for different issues.
  • 15. To perform activities regarding reception and see off the members of Board of Directors on arrival at and departure from the Board meeting held in BB as well as in the airport at the time of the foreign tour.