Bangladesh Bank

Accounts & Budgeting Department

Name & Designation Email Telephone Fax
Kazi Sayedur RahmanDeputy Governor
880-2-9530412, 880-2-9530422--
Md. Ruhul AminExecutive Director
H.M. Delower HussainDirector (A&BD)
Md. Abul BasharDirector (A&BD)

The objectives of Accounts and Budgeting Department are to provide information on the financial position, performance and change in financial position of Bangladesh Bank. To maintain international standard, all financial statements are prepared in accordance with IAS & IFRS by the department. A&BD is providing relevant, reliable, and accurate financial information of Bangladesh Bank to the concerned authorities. The department captures all financial information from other departments/ branch offices of Bangladesh Bank and takes necessary action to keep and process this information properly for financial reporting. Particularly the department is responsible to maintain Government accounts, Bangladesh Bank own account, operate the back office of the dealing room, prepare the daily statement of FX reserve position, deal with all activities relating to budget of Bangladesh Bank & ensure budgetary control.

    The major functions are appended below:
  • 1. Maintain books of accounts relating to income and expenditure of Bangladesh Bank.
  • 2. Prepare daily Trial Balance.
  • 3. Ensure IFRS/ IAS in preparing and presenting Financial Statements.
  • 4. Prepare Income Statements monthly, half-yearly and annually.
  • 5. Prepare yearly Financial Statements in compliance with IAS/ IFRS.
  • 6. Prepare the weekly Statement of Affairs showing Assets and Liabilities of Banking & Issue Department.
  • 7. Reconcile the transactions of General Ledger & Subsidiary Ledger and reconcile inter-branch transactions.
  • 8. Prepare provisional and revised budget of the bank; Reallocation of funds within the budget allocation.
  • 9. Frame policies i.e. rules and regulations and issue instructions from time to time pertaining to maintenance of books of accounts, submission of returns, presentation of financial statements.
  • 10. Maintain Government accounts; publish daily cash balance of the Government accounts.
  • 11. Verify & settle the transactions of Government accounts maintained by Sonali Bank (commercial bank) as agent of Bangladesh Bank.
  • 12. Communicate financial data with CGA and other stake holders of Government transactions.
  • 13. Prepare compliance reports on external & commercial audit reports.
  • 14. Execute foreign currency transactions through back office.
  • 15. Maintain foreign currency transaction & prepare statement of daily reserve position.
  • 16. Maintain accounts relating to Central Bank Strengthening Projects and make necessary arrangement for withdrawal of fund & submission of reports/ statements from and to World Bank.