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WP 2103Determinants of Commercial Bank Lending Rates in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 2102Does higher capital maintenance drive up banks' cost of equity?—Evidence from Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 2101Revisiting the Monetary Conditions Index for Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 2004Foreign Exchange Market Structure and Exchange Rate Volatility in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 2003Lending Rate Behavior in Bangladesh: Some Facts and Determinants detail.. [download]
WP 2002Estimating the Neutral Interest Rate for Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 2001Inflation Trend and Persistence in Bangladesh:An Empirical Analysis detail.. [download]
WP 1905Practical Approach to Identifying Indicators for Measuring Efficiency of Agent Banking System in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1904Managing the Impossible Trinity in Bangladesh: How crucial are international reserves? detail.. [download]
WP 1903The implication of foreign credit and higher saving certificate rate on banks. detail.. [download]
WP 1902Investment Absorption Capacity and Current Macroeconomic Conditions of Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1901Single Digit Interest Rate: Bangladesh Perspective detail.. [download]
WP 1701Responses of Inflation and Output to Shocks in Monetary policy: A case study with Bangladesh using the DSGE model detail.. [download]
WP 1623Are Mobile Financial Services Promoting Financial Inclusion in Bangladesh?An Assessment Study detail.. [download]
WP 1622The Interrelationship between Money Supply and Nominal GDP in Bangladesh. detail.. [download]
WP 1621Trade Financing and Loan Against Trust Receipt (LATR) in Banking System of Bangladesh: Policy Implication detail.. [download]
WP 1620Technical Stock Valuation of a Company: The Bangladesh Perspective detail.. [download]
WP 1619Analysing the Behavior of the Interest Rate Spread in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1618Are We Greening the Economy? Recent Trends of Green Financing in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1617Saving and Income Inequality in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1616Examining the Need for an Adjustment of the Bank Rate and Other Policy Rates in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1615The Impact of Geographic Surroundings on Economic Growth: A Panel Data Approach detail.. [download]
WP 1614Is the Capital Market of Bangladesh Efficient? detail.. [download]
WP 1613Examining the Interaction between the Policy rate and Lending rate in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1612Nexus between Bank's Liquidity and Profitability in Bangladesh: An Empirical Overview detail.. [download]
WP 1611Does the Import of Capital Goods Spur Manufacturing Output Growth in Bangladesh? detail.. [download]
WP 1610Forecasting Inflation and Output in Bangladesh: Evidence from a VAR Model. detail.. [download]
WP 1609Public and Private Investment Nexus in Bangladesh: Crowding-in or out? detail.. [download]
WP 1608Revisiting Marshall-Lerner Condition in the Economy of Bangladesh-A Cointegration Approach detail.. [download]
WP 1607Effectiveness of Monetary Transmission Channels in Bangladesh: Evidence from a Floating Exchange Rate Regime detail.. [download]
WP 1606Real or Nominal Shocks : What Drives the Exchange Rate Movements in Bangladesh? detail.. [download]
WP 1605The Impact of the Real Effective Exchange Rate on Real Export Earnings in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1604Does Agricultural Credit Play Any Role in Reducing Rural Poverty in Bangladesh? detail.. [download]
WP 1603Financial Inclusion Index at District Levels in Bangladesh: A Distance-based Approach detail.. [download]
WP 1602Determining the Growth-maximizing Threshold Level of Inflation in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1601Price and Income Elasticity of Imports in Bangladesh: An ARDL Bounds Test Approach detail.. [download]
WP 1409An Analysis of the Turmoil in the Stock Market:Issues and Challenges for Monetary Policy detail.. [download]
WP 1408Real Exchange Rate and its Impact on Export, Import and Trade Balance: Is there any J curve effect in Bangladesh?  detail.. [download]
WP 1407A Comparative Analysis of Interest Rate Spread in the Banking System detail.. [download]
WP 1406Causes of Indian Rupee Depreciation and its Impact on Bangladesh Economy detail.. [download]
WP 1405External Sector Openness Management: The Bangladesh Experience detail.. [download]
WP 1404Reserve Accumulation and Sterilized Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1403An Empirical Analysis of Remittance-Inflation Relationship in Bangladesh : Post-Floating Exchange Rate Scenario detail.. [download]
WP 1402The demand for international reserves of Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1401Some Facts and Determinants of CPI Inflation in Bangladesh: Evidence from Post-Floating Exchange Rate Regime detail.. [download]
WP 1306Financing in Infrastructure and Energy Sectors and Issuance of Bonds in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1305Sources of exchange rate fluctuations in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1304Integration of Financial Market and Its Implication of Stock Market Development in Bangladesh: An Evaluation detail.. [download]
WP 1303Fiscal deficits and inflation: the case of Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1302Effects of Monetary Policy on Capital Market in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1301When and why does Bangladesh's inflation differ from India's? detail.. [download]
WP 1204Estimating growth-inflation tradeoff threshold in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP DraftAn Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Agricultural Credit from Banks and Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) In GDP Growth: Bangladesh Perspective detail.. [download]
WP 1203A comprehensive study on Capital Market Developments in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1202Behavior of Remittance Inflows and its Determinants in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 1201Terms of Trade and Its Implications: Bangladesh Perspective detail.. [download]
WP 1101Financial Inclusion: The Role of Bangladesh Bank detail.. [download]
WP 0902Impact of Monetary Policy Changes in a SemiGlobal Economy: Evidence from Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0901Measuring Inflationary Pressure in Bangladesh: The P-Star Approach detail.. [download]
WP 0807Transmission of International Commodity Prices to Domestic Prices in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0806Financial Development and Velocity of Money in Bangladesh: A Vector Auto-Regression Analysis detail.. [download]
WP 0805Money Supply Process in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis detail.. [download]
WP 0804Convergence in Per Capita Income across Regions in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0803Innovative Technology and Bank Profitability: The Bangladesh Experience detail.. [download]
WP 0802Volatility in the Call Money Rate and Efficacy of Monetary Policy Operations in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0801Institutional Development and the Choise of Exchange Rate Regime-A Cross Country Analysis detail.. [download]
WP 0715A Panel Study of Tax Effort and Tax Buoyancy with Special Reference to Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0714Forecasting Some Key Macroeconomic Variables in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0713Determinants of Workers' Remittances in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study detail.. [download]
WP 0712Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth : Empirical Evidence from South Asia and Implications for Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0710A Cointegration Analysis of the Demand for Money in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0709Non-Bank Financial Institutions in Bangladesh: An Analytical Review detail.. [download]
WP 0708Does Public Borrowing Crowd-out Private Investment? The Bangladesh Evidence detail.. [download]
WP 0707Financial Development—Economic Growth Nexus in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0706An Analysis of Bangladesh's Transition to Flexible Exchange Rate Regime detail.. [download]
WP 0705Public Debt Management and Debt Sustainability in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0704Sources of Inflation in Bangladesh: Recent Macroeconomic Experience detail.. [download]
WP 0703Effects of Monetary Policy on Price Formation of Financial Assets: A Test for Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0702The Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Bangladesh: Bank Lending and Exchange Rate Channels detail.. [download]
WP 0701A Measure of Core Inflation in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0608Interest Rate Responsiveness of Investment Spending in Bangladesh: A VAR Approach detail.. [download]
WP 0607Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0606Consumer Confidence in Financial Markets detail.. [download]
WP 0605An Examination of Revenue and Expenditure Causality in Bangladesh: 1974-2004 detail.. [download]
WP 0604Inflation and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: 1981-2005 detail.. [download]
WP 0603Exchange Market Pressure and Monetary Policy detail.. [download]
WP 0602Inflation in the Open Economy: An Application of the Error Correction Approach to the Recent Experience in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
WP 0601Relative Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policies on Output Growth in Bangladesh: A VAR Approach detail.. [download]