Bangladesh Bank
PN 2301Impact of Reserve Money and Money Supply on Inflation in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 2203Impact of Exchange Rate and Global Commodity Price Inflation on Private Sector Credit in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 2202Analysis of Equilibrium Exchange Rate and Exchange Rate Misalignment in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 2201Export Performance of Bangladesh during the Pandemic: the Impact of Export Concentration detail.. [download]
PN 2109Monetary Policy Stance and COVID-19 Pandemic: Global Perspectives detail.. [download]
PN 2108Recent Behavior of Lending and Deposit Interest Rates in the Banking System of Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 2107Measurement of Momentum and Base Effect of CPI Inflation of Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 2106The Recent Bank's Deposit Growth: What Are the Potential Sources? detail.. [download]
PN 2105The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Inflation Dynamics of Bangladesh: Lessons for Future Economic Policy Formulation detail.. [download]
PN 2104Labour Market Dynamics in Bangladesh: Impact of the COVID-19 detail.. [download]
PN 2103The COVID-19 Fallout on CMSMEs in Bangladesh and Policy Responses: An Assessment, detail.. [download]
PN 2102Introduction of Sovereign Investment Sukuk in Bangladesh and Liquidity Management by Islamic Banks detail.. [download]
PN 2101Changing Currency Holding Patterns during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 2002COVID-19 Crisis and Fiscal Space for Bangladesh Economy: A Comparative Analysis with South Asian Countries detail.. [download]
PN 2001A Brief on the Policy Responses to Economic Fallout of the COVID-19 in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 1901Have Inflation Dynamics Changed in Bangladesh? detail.. [download]
PN 1702Is There a Relationship between Liquidity and Profitability in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh: A Panel Data Analysis detail.. [download]
PN 1701Reserve accumulation and sterilization: Aspects and Challenges for the Central Bank detail.. [download]
PN 1401An Analysis of Private Commercial Borrowing from Foreign Sources in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 1301A quick analysis of deposit interest rates offered by commercial banks detail.. [download]
PN 0903The SLR as a Monetary Policy Instrument in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 0902Estimating Inflation Rates of Import-Concentrated Commodities detail.. [download]
PN 0901Prospects and Challenges of Bond Market Development in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 0807Inflation Accounting Across Income Groups: Does Inflation Hurt the Poor More in Bangladesh? detail.. [download]
PN 0806Volatility of Stock Return in the Dhaka Stock Exchange detail.. [download]
PN 0805Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Bangladesh's Balance of Payments: Some Policy Implications detail.. [download]
PN 0804Institutional Lending and Financing Policy for SMEs in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 0803Interest Rates and the Demand for Money in Bangladesh: An Empirical Investigation with Quarterly Data, 1997Q4-2006Q4 detail.. [download]
PN 0802Public Debt Sustainability in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 0801Corporate Governance: An essential mechanism to curb malpractices by Organizations detail.. [download]
PN 0711Near-Term Inflation Outlook and BB's Policy Stance detail.. [download]
PN 0710Nexus among Output, Inflation and Private Sector Credit in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 0709The Role of an Explicit Subordinate Debt Policy in the Smooth Transition to Basel II detail.. [download]
PN 0708Monetary Policy and Capital Market Development in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 0707Volatility in the Overnight Money-Market Rate in Bangladesh: Recent Experiences detail.. [download]
PN 0706Tax Expenditures in Bangladesh: An Introductory Analysis detail.. [download]
PN 0705Inflation in Bangladesh: Supply Side Perspectives detail.. [download]
PN 0704Foreign Direct Investment: Impact on Sectoral Growth in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 0703Recent Experiences in the Foreign Exchange and Money Markets detail.. [download]
PN 0702Future Prospects of Bangladesh's Ready-Made Garments Industry and the Supportive Policy Regime detail.. [download]
PN 0701Interest Rate Spread in Bangladesh: An Analytical Review detail.. [download]
PN 0605Towards a Measure of Core Inflation in Bangladesh: Conceptual Issues detail.. [download]
PN 0604Basel II and Bangladesh: The Challenges Ahead detail.. [download]
PN 0603Monetary Transmission through Bank Portfolio in Bangladesh detail.. [download]
PN 0602Notes on the Monetary Policy Strategy of the Bangladesh Banl detail.. [download]
PN 0601On the Communication Policy of the Bangladesh Bank detail.. [download]