Bangladesh Bank

US Dollar Investment Bond

Diaspora Bonds (Wage Earner Development Bond, US Dollar Investment Bond and US Dollar Premium Bond) are the financial instruments/savings schemes introduced by Internal Resources Division (IRD) and supervised by National Savings Directorate (NSD) under IRD, Ministry of Finance. IRD formulates policies related to NRB Savings Schemes entirely as a part of national fiscal policy regulated and implemented by Bangladesh Government. Bangladesh Bank (BB) as monetary policy authority of Bangladesh and an indispensable organ of Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh, supports government in administrative and operating activities mainly payment mechanism of NRB Savings Schemes through its regulatory authority over the entire banking system. It disseminates formulated policies for the banking system through issuing circular/circular letters. In addition, it clarifies the queries and settles complains raised from the different stakeholders (issue offices, investors etc.) as per existing Bond rules and related guidelines set by the aforesaid authorities. In accordance with the directive of Finance Division, Ministry of Finance, Diaspora Bond related services have been automated under the umbrella of National Savings Scheme Management since 31 Nov 2021. Manual issuance of new NRB Bonds is closed down from this date.

US Dollar Investment Bond (USDIB) is issued in favor of Foreign Currency (FC) account holder against the foreign remittance to the account. It is the only saving scheme in Bangladesh has the special feature of principal as well as interest repatriation. Principal amount after maturity and earned interest at any time can be repatriated subject to the compliance of USDIB guidelines. Invested Fund and earned interests are also tax-exempted.