Mobile Financial Services (MFS) comparative summary statement of November, 2020 and December, 2020

Serial no. Description Amount in November, 2020 Amount in December, 2020 % Change (November, 2020 to December, 2020)
1No. of Banks currently providing the Services1515
2No. of agents104452110588971.4%
3No. of registered clients in Lac978.37993.361.5%
4No. of active accounts in Lac*316.74323.272.1%
5No. of total transaction281307626.00299506884.006.5%
6Total transaction in taka(in crore BDT)53598.3156556.885.5%
7No. of daily average transaction9376921.009661512.003%
8Average daily transaction (in crore BDT)1786.611824.422.1%
9Inward RemittanceAmount (in crore BDT)Amount (in crore BDT)
aInward Remittance116.81134.7815.4%
bCash In transaction16352.9817346.656.1%
cCash Out Transaction14826.1615444.234.2%
dP2P transaction16108.7616982.155.4%
eSalary Disbursement (B2P)2023.632093.723.5%
fUtility Bill Payment (P2B)831.43834.070.3%
gMerchant Payment1879.082147.2414.3%
hGovernment Payment33.3541.3924.1%

[1 lac = 0.10 million and 1 crore = 10 million]

Actual No of days in month has been used for average calculations.

*Account in which transaction made in last 3 (Three) Months.